New Beginnings Recovery Center opens in Littleton

Substance abuse treatment programs offer holistic treatment in a spa-like setting.

Littleton, CO, November 14, 2014 --( The holidays are supposed to be a happy time. However, for many people, holidays can intensify depression and substance abuse or lead to a relapse for those recovering from alcohol or drug addictions.

Chemical imbalance is one of the underlying causes of addictive behaviors, and addiction will destroy many areas of an individual’s life. New Beginnings Recovery Center (NBRC) recently opened in Littleton to treat the whole person—mind, body and spirit—for a more effective recovery.

Mary Brewer has owned and operated Mary’s Sober Homes, Inc. for more than 11 years, a faith-based organization that provides housing to those in recovery. Through her experience, Brewer realized a different approach was needed to treat those with addictions.

“Our mission is to focus on the science of addiction rather than the white-knuckle or willpower approach,” explains Brewer. “We first provide amino acid/chemical imbalance laboratory testing through Neuroscience, Inc. Following the identification of this baseline, clients begin a regimen of targeted oral supplements designed to rebuild brain cells and repair neurotransmitters.

“Low Energy Neurofeedback Stimulation (LENS) mapping and treatment are used to heal suppressed neurotransmitters,” Brewer says. “These treatments are non-invasive and painless, and many people have been able to reduce or eliminate their medications.”

In addition to chemical imbalance and LENS treatments, New Beginnings offers its clients individual and group counseling, massage therapy, exercise/yoga programs, nutrition consultation and court intervention. “We know that treating the whole person is what leads to success,” Brewer adds.

Molly was one of the first clients treated at New Beginnings. “I had struggled with alcoholism for decades and hit rock bottom last summer,” she says. “I had been fired from my job, had my second DUI and had been kicked out of friends’ and family members’ homes because of my drinking. At New Beginnings, I underwent the LENS therapy once week, took the recommended natural products, and participated in group sessions.”

Molly is now over 100 days sober, has left New Beginnings and is employed. “Mary and her staff helped me to have a sense of possibility,” Molly says. “New Beginnings is clean, comfortable and very welcoming. Mary also encourages reliance upon God and encourages everyone to immerse themselves in the Word as another means of healing.”

New Beginnings, located at 191 E. Orchard Rd., #B in Littleton, has 11 client beds for 28- to 90-day treatment options with follow-up outpatient treatment.

New Beginnings Recovery Center accepts most major insurances and credit cards, and offers access to loan programs where necessary. For more information, visit or call 720-473-7106.
New Beginnings Recovery Center
Laurie Anderson