12/12: Lamido Brings Black Friday to Southeast Asia

Lamido crusades online sales again for the second time in the franchise’s history. Now they are bringing up the famous Black Friday of the Western to Southeast Asia. In parallel with the traditional Black Friday, the event will trigger the unofficial start of Holiday shopping season in the Philippines. Lamido is bringing the Filipinos’ accustomed time of shopping online - Black Friday Sale.

Makati City, Philippines, November 22, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Lamido Philippines is preparing to take online market by storm once again by bringing Black Friday to the region of Southeast Asia. The freshest buy and sell online marketplace company in the country is continuing the blast of 11/11 Online Revolution by shifting to 12/12 Black Friday Sale given the fact that December 12 will land on Friday and that it will also be a pay day. The event is the same as that of a typical Online Revolution -- set to rival Cyber Monday and Singles Day. On December 12, 2014, Lamido Philippines is set to offer online shoppers a lot of sales, discounts and promotions with all the best deals in one online shopping site.

11/11 Online Revolution in Retrospect

11/11 Online Revolution as its first ever major online campaign, is one total success for Lamido. From the pre-11/11 promotions all the way to the campaigns held during the awaited day of 11/11 were supported by online shoppers in the country. The flash sale was a boom to the shoppers that provided not only big time discounts but also excitement to the event as the first finger to click will be the first one to grab the items sold for 12 pesos only.

The 80% discount on selected items were such a big factor on bagging the jackpot number of sales that day. The number of shoppers that visited was a record holder as well. Tweets were picked, fan signs were posted and all the participants and shoppers were happy enjoying their prizes and items all as a result of a successful breakthrough of the company in its first online revolution.

Behind the Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is a term that indicates the point wherein retailers begin to turn a profit. Traditionally, in United States, Black Friday is the Friday following the Thanksgiving Day, which is normally the 4th Thursday of November. In the U.S it is regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

Black Friday is popular as a shopping day for many reasons. First, it is the mark of the unofficial start of Christmas season, being the last official holiday before Christmas. Also, many employers give their employees the day off as part of the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. For this reason, all retailers, either big or small, takes advantage of this long weekend by offering big discounts on their items to entice more traffic on their businesses. In fact, the current competition’s too tight that every stores during Black Friday extends their services beyond normal hours, in order to maintain an edge or just to keep up with the competition itself.

About Lamido

Lamido Philippines is a buy and sell platform that provides merchants and consumers an online marketplace where they can conduct easy and safe transactions. Advertising in Lamido is free and sellers can post their products either by fixed, discounted or auctioned prices. Lamido Philippines embodies in it the very same culture that made Rocket Internet one of the biggest names in the online marketing business.
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