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"Kidz Learn Applications" announces "Kidz Fun - Category Select" for iOS, an educational application intended for kids between ages 6 and 9. Though this app has 4 menu options namely, Alphabets, Numbers, Songs and Stories to choose from, the features and the display of various contents from a selected category differentiate this app from the rest. This is a universal application available for download in both "Tablet" & "Handheld" devices. Once downloaded this app requires the Internet to work.

Edison, NJ, November 27, 2014 --(PR.com)-- "Kidz Learn Applications" is happy to announce the release of "Kidz Fun - Category Select in iOS, Blackberry, Google Play Android and Amazon Kindle play stores. This app is an educational application mostly intended for kids between ages 6 to 9. "Kidz Fun- Category Select" is a content driven app that requires Internet connection to look through the information. This application has 4 menu options namely "Alphabets", "Numbers”, "Songs" and "Stories." The audio for "Songs" and "Stories" are available in various languages. The categories for Alphabets and Numbers, and the audio in world languages for Songs and Stories, can be selected from the Settings tab located throughout the application. This application has dynamic display of audio, images, songs and stories. They are stored and retrieved from a third party database (RF base) hence request for new images, audio, songs and stories can be made available by including them in the bases.

Songs and Stories require an Internet connection and are educational and informative describing the current trends and Science. Songs and Stories display content for kids in 7 languages. The default language, if not selected is "English." The "Kidz Fun - Settings" tab is available throughout the app and can be changed at any time. Alphabets and Numbers also require Internet connection and they display images and audio based on the categories selected in the "Settings" tab.

The Numbers menu option display basic math contents related to:

* Addition
* Subtraction
* Multiplication
* Faces/Sides of a 2 and 3 dimensional objects
* Fractions

Each category uses basic numbers for easier understanding and learning. Basic operations are used for Numbers (1-10). The numbers (1-10) are the basic building blocks from which other numbers are built; hence the understanding of simple operations for numbers (1-10) in early learning is important to apply it to higher numbers. Hence my app uses simple numbers to explain the number operations. This is especially helpful for kids entering 1st or 2nd grade, as it gives them a perception of how each of these operations work.

Alphabets display contents based on 5 categories. The categories can be selected in the "settings" tab and upon selection each alphabet (A-Z) will display the contents (images and audio in 1 -2 sentences) based on the selected category. The categories for display of Alphabets include:

* Animals
* Fruits and Vegetables
* Things and Emotions
* Flowers
* Countries.

Category "Animals" displays the image of an Animal beginning with the selected Alphabet. Audio describes two to three sentences stating the characteristics of the animal.

Category "Fruits and Vegetables" displays the images of various fruits and veggies beginning with the selected alphabet. Audio and images describe how various vegetables and fruits help aid our body to fight against diseases and other minor ailments.

Category "Objects" display the images of various "musical instruments" beginning with the selected alphabet. Audio and images describe various musical instruments popular in other cultures.

Category "Flowers" displays the image of flowers beginning with the selected Alphabet. Audio describes two or three sentences stating the place they are found and the climatic conditions necessary for the flower/plant to grow.

Category "Countries" describe in detail about the Culture, Flag, Government, Topography and Sports played in countries beginning with the corresponding alphabets A-Z. Upon selecting an alphabet, a map of the world is used in a background and a tiny red star points to the country in the map. Audio in the app, help understand more about the country and its people.

Features include:
* Quality animal pictures with pleasing colors
* Easy User Interface
* Audio in Multiple languages
* Education relating to Math’s and Science.

YouTube has an ocean of videos catering to the needs and requirements of different age groups. Kidz Fun-Category Select displays songs and stories that are kid friendly.

"I am a mom with 2 kids. My kid loves to play in smart devices. They enjoy playing games. This gave me an idea to make educational applications for kids to learn and have fun. My kid loves to learn and have fun with my applications. Hence the apps are intended for all kids who want to grow by learning smart," says Sole Proprietor of "Kidz Learn Applications."

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 6.0 or later
* Requires Internet connection
* Universal Application
* 76.1 MB

Pricing and Availability:
"Kidz Fun - Category Select" is available worldwide as a paid app.

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