Equalli.com Launches Line of Gay & Lesbian Engagement & Wedding Rings Supporting LGBT Rights

Equalli releases a social campaign promoting LGBT rights to celebrate the launch of their new line of pride wedding and engagement rings featuring rainbow sapphires.

New York, NY, November 28, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Equalli.com has launched a high end line of gay & lesbian engagement and wedding rings made with rainbow sapphires arranged as a pride flag. After being in the rainbow sapphire jewelry business for over a decade, the people behind the company have gotten many requests from gay and lesbian customers to re-arrange the gems to form a pride flag. The Equalli brand was born out of desire to better serve the LGBT community.

Supporting LGBT Rights: #MyRainbow

For the launch of the brand new collection, Equalli has put out a social campaign that encourages LGBT people and allies to speak up about why they wear the rainbow and the importance of visibility in promoting LGBT rights around the world.

“The rainbow has been a major symbol for the LGBT community,” says Equalli representative Euvie Ivanova. “It’s a symbol for celebrating our differences instead of letting them divide us. It’s about visibility and support.” She adds: “The Western world has come a long way in terms of gay rights in the last decade, but it’s not over until we have equal rights for LGBT people all over the world. We need to keep the conversation going.”

Equalli is calling all LGBT people and allies to record a video answering the question, “why do you wear the rainbow, and why is it important to you?” The videos should then be uploaded online with the hashtag #myrainbow and shared with @equalliofficial on social media. The intro video to the campaign can be found at Equalli.com/about

Rainbow Sapphires and Ethical Production

Equalli stands for equal rights not only for its customers, but for everyone involved in the jewelry's production process. The company uses ethical mining practices and believes that sustainability is key in all areas of production. This also includes fair wages and working conditions for all of the company’s employees.

Equalli uses only natural earth mined sapphires for its collection, and each jewelry piece comes with a certificate of authenticity to prove it. All the sapphires and diamonds the company uses are sourced responsibly from conflict-free areas.

The rainbow sapphires used in the new Equalli line are world-class quality; only the top 1% of the world’s sapphires makes it into the jewelry. The company also offers a lifetime guarantee on all of the items in their store, which is rare for a jewelry company of any calibre.

Company CEO Trent Anderson has been in the jewelry business for over 14 years and has built up a network of gemologists, master cutters and artisan jewelers who are as passionate about making jewelry as he is. “To have that network of honest, hardworking, intelligent people who are highly interested in putting this together... I don’t know another group of people in the world that can do that,” he says.

Equalli’s new rainbow sapphire line of gay & lesbian wedding and engagement rings is now available online at Equalli.com/jewelry

To watch Equalli's brand story and learn more about how the jewelry is made, go to Equalli.com/about-equalli.
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