Amparo Bellon-Champ Releases Instructional CD for Singers

Denver, CO, November 09, 2007 --( Amparo Bellon-Champ is a vocal instructor who has developed and produced a unique educational CD for singers. Unlike other vocal instructional CDs, Bellon-Champ demonstrates what makes a singing style unique by combining vocal elements and ingredients in different ratios of placements and resonances. Each lesson is followed by a demonstration. Lessons cover the following genres: Rock, Pop, Jazz, Alternative, R&B, and Country. A worksheet is provided to help the listener identify and score the stylistic changes within each sample song. This CD shows the voice professional that adding new genres to their repertoire is possible. They can sing new styles and sound authentic and commercial. The CD is also available in Spanish. The Spanish CD discussed Cumbia, Balada, Merengue, Bolero, Latin Pop, Ranchera, Tejano, Tropical, and Salsa.

Bellon-Champ founded Gotta Sing, LLC in 2002. Gotta Sing offers vocal coaching to the professional and novice singer. In addition to learning to sing multiple genres, students can learn to sing Spanish. All singers are taught to develop their voice to its fullest potential. Gotta Sing publishes a free quarterly newsletter called Vocalista. Visit the Gotta Sing website to sign up for Vocalista or to purchase a copy of the Learn to Sing Multiple Genres CD. Other contact information: 303.522.6043

Gotta Sing, LLC
Amparo Bellon-Champ