UniLink Offers All Hardware Solutions for Front Counter Teller Capture Conversion

Rochester, NY, December 04, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Rochester, NY-based financial services equipment supplier, UniLink Inc. now offers the latest front counter teller capture hardware solutions. The company’s comprehensive offerings include solutions from Burroughs, Panini, Canon, Epson and Digital Check, and features the Burroughs SmartSource Elite series; one of the fastest industry teller capture scanners systems.

The latest over-the-counter document imaging systems can now capture deposits the moment presented at the teller window. These teller capture applications help financial institutions consolidate back-office work, create a paperless office environment, reduce costs and improve customer service.

The newly released Burroughs SmartSource Professional Elite supports teller capture operations with a scan speed of up-to 155 documents per minute. The SmartSource Elite also has ID scanning capacity to help banking institutions mitigate fraud at the teller window. The Elite scanner sits on top of the Burroughs Elite ReceiptNOW printer, which is designed to integrate with the scanner for a streamlined scanning and printing interface. The teller thermal printer features a simple pull-out and drop-in paper installation system to help tellers save time during their day-to-day working operations.

The UniLink Inc. catalogue also includes the latest options from Digital Check. The company offers the TellerScanTS-240 check scanner, which is designed to provide a large scale scanning capacity alongside a small equipment footprint for growing operations. The TS-240 features additional document handling capabilities to help clean-up distorted check images. In a teller capture environment, the TS-240 sits on top of the Digital Check Teller Transaction Printer (TTP), which can be utilized in conjunction with the scanner to produce ATM-style receipts with customized marketing messages. Using thermal printing technology, the Digital Check TTP helps growing institutions consolidate their printing consumables costs.

To learn more about these or the other teller capture solutions from UniLink Inc., please contact the company’s offices directly or visit their business website at www.unilinkinc.com.
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