Ecommerce Company Provides Training

Online retail services provider release groundbreaking video training course to appeal to the soloprenreur market. The video training course covers all aspects of setting up an online store and running a retail business on the internet. The big difference with the course is that it focuses on freely available tools, but can produce a professional standard result for the customer.

Launceston, Australia, December 04, 2014 --( Ecommerce services provider today announced the release of their ten part video training course for prospective online store builders. With the profusion of 'done for you' solutions the company is interested in helping the independent operators who want to run their business without interference. The company spokesman Michael Gorman revealed that the video course would enable even a technophobe to set up a fully operational online store that handles all payments and shipping. By cleverly leveraging freely available online tools and affordable web hosting an individual can indeed be a business owner with the potential to make a very good living with the right management. What makes this training notable is this emphasis on using WordPress rather than expensive solutions that are currently available. While these 'done for you' ecommerce platforms may seem easy to use, they can restrict the operator and also present a long term risk. Being fully in control of your own store which you have built is appealing to the more independent minded person. The company also provides a 'done for you' solution, but this video training is offered to cater for a specific section of the market.
Michael Gorman