KitNipBox Teams Up with reddit to Offer a Limited Edition Co-Branded Holiday Box for Cats on Sale in the redditgifts Marketplace

The 1,000 limited edition holiday boxes are now available to reddit’s community of cat enthusiasts and gift givers.

San Diego, CA, December 05, 2014 --( KitNipBox (, a monthly subscription box of cat toys, treats, and other goodies and reddit (, a user-generated news platform and community launched their co-branded cat gift box filled with holiday-themed cat products today. The sale of the 1,000 limited edition boxes is available exclusively in the redditgifts marketplace

"Everyone knows reddit and cats are inseparably and beautifully bound together in Internet matrimony, which is why we are excited to announce a partnership between the redditgifts marketplace and KitNipBox," said Kaela Gardner, redditgifts’ Marketing Manager. "We created our new custom packaging for the redditgifts marketplace that even transforms into a cat house and filled it with amazing, holiday-themed cat treats, toys, and other goodies, selected by the team at KitNipBox."

The holiday reddit KitNipBoxes are selling for $25 (plus shipping) and will include high-end products, ranging from handmade toys to stylish accessories and tasty treats.

“With reddit’s passionate and engaged cat community, which loves fun, quirky things like KitNipBox, we saw this as a natural fit for the holiday season,” said Deena Malkina, Co-Founder of KitNipBox. “We are really looking forward to giving the reddit community the perfect gift for their own kitties and for the cat lovers in their lives.”

redditgifts is home to a variety of products, including electronics, art, beauty, games, and more, but the co-branded reddit KitNipBox will be a limited edition gift item and allow customers to send or receive high-quality curated products in a gift box specifically for cats.

“We know our existing customers love surprises and are always eager to see what goodies are in their seasonal and holiday-themed KitNipBoxes, so we’re thrilled to extend that excitement to the reddit community,” said Malkina.

Customers who purchase the holiday box can also sign up for a standard KitNipBox subscription to receive a new, themed box every month.

"In short, we are working with KitNipBox to make all your cats’ dreams come true this holiday season," summarized Gardner.

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About KitNipBox

Launched in early 2014, KitNipBox is a monthly subscription service for cat owners who are looking for a fun and convenient way to keep their kitties happy, healthy, and fit. Each KitNipBox is delivered directly to subscribers’ doors, in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and includes items like fun cat toys, delicious treats, health and hygiene products, must-have accessories, innovative new gadgets, and other unique, high-quality products.

A core part of the company’s mission is social responsibility. A portion of the proceeds and products from KitNipBox are donated to animal welfare organizations throughout the year. In addition, KitNipBox consistently works with local/artisan suppliers who create handmade products and help support animal welfare through donating a portion of their proceeds or products, as well.

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