Personal Media Cloud App ShareON Now Available on Google Play and iOS App Store

Hate getting the “not enough storage” message on your smartphone? Annoyed by getting limited to sending 10 photos at a time via WhatsApp or other messaging services? ShareON provides a quick, easy, and secure way to see all your media content spread out over your devices on your iPhone/iPad or Android device. This free app creates a direct connection between devices (no server uploading) so you can access your media content from anywhere.

Seoul-si, Korea, South, December 05, 2014 --( Spika Inc. has released a new application that allows users to securely share and sync media files and folders to multiple devices and users using advanced direct sharing technology. The free application has no storage limits and is both simple enough to share photos with friends or family, and powerful enough to stream heavy video files between co-workers. ShareON is especially useful for users who need to share many/large files over the Internet to another device or user.

With big players such as Dropbox and Box making the space in the cloud storage business crowded, ShareON uses a different approach. Instead of relying on slow and cumbersome cloud uploading and downloading, ShareON uses advanced direct sharing technology to directly connect devices and users, making the process faster, easier and more private. Another upside to the lack of server uploading is that no third-party has access to one’s files, offering complete privacy for users who would rather keep their sensitive media on their personal devices, away from prying eyes.

ShareON let’s users share unlimited amount of files of any file sizes to their other devices or to other users. Bypassing slow server uploads makes the service as fast as the users’ connection to the other device, enabling users to attain higher transfer speeds.

“We firmly believe that the current ecosystem where a handful of companies controls everybody's data is not healthy in the long run and could potentially lead to serious privacy issues and reduced freedoms, such as we have seen in the past years. We want to bring back the ownership of data to the consumers and empower them. The ShareON app is only the beginning,” says Nicole Kim, CEO of app developer Spika.

ShareON is available for free for Android and iOS smartphones with PC and Mac server clients available.

About Spika: Founded in 2009 and based in South Korea, Spika is a tech company focused on cloud and sharing services using its proprietary direct sharing technology. Spika recently released their new flagship app ShareON.

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Anton Eliasson