KL Translations Offers Professional Government Translation Services

KL Translations helps government bodies to access accurate, professional, cost effective and timely translation services.

London, United Kingdom, December 07, 2014 --(PR.com)-- To help government bodies and local councils effectively communicate with their communities, KL Translations has announced to offer a professional translation service designed to provide accurate translation for both central and local governments to interact with international organizations and to reach multicultural members of society. The company delivers first class government translation services to ministers, embassies and public institutions in general. According to the statement issued by the translation management team, “Diplomatic institutions, social services, defense bodies and educational institutions all depend on precise information. Besides facilitating communication between local authorities and non English speaking population, government translations are critical for national governments that need to interact politically and economically with other countries and international bodies. More and more, local authorities require services from translation companies to communicate effectively with ethnic minorities. Government translation and interpreting services facilitate people's access to support, health services and other social services. A multi-cultural country is where many cultures and languages co-exist under the shadow of the common language.”

That is the reason as to why KL Translations is focusing on providing accurate document translation and interpreting services to all government bodies such as the Judicial System Health Services, College & Universities Home & Foreign Office, EU Organizations Development Agencies, Local Councils Political Parties among many more.

KL is trusted in the language industry for its level of professionalism and quick time turnaround while delivering translation services like technical translation, website translation among many others. The company has worked for housing associations, police stations, local authorities and many more government agencies providing them with high quality professional translation services worldwide.

In providing accurate translation services to local, federal, state and global organizations in all languages, the Company is sensitive to confidential information that government documents contain and therefore committed to high level of ethical standards and bound by non disclosure agreements.

In the language industry, linguistic accuracy and precision in the translation of policy documents, legal documents, medical documents, annual reports and other general documents is important. KL Translations therefore is bound to follow all strict quality assurance procedures to guarantee linguistic and cultural accuracy.
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