A&P Certification School Carolina Aeronautical Offering Financial Assistance Program

Simpsonville, SC-based A&P certification school, Carolina Aeronautical is now presenting students with a comprehensive financial assistance program.

Simpsonville, SC, December 07, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The school’s program has been created to ensure that each student has the financial means to afford their high caliber certification programs, and will provide students with financing at a rate of 10% for their courses. It’s an assistance program that will help reduce the pressure on students as they attend A&P certification courses this coming school year.

At the advanced levels, aeronautical students often find the industry’s leading courses are quite expensive. But they don’t always have the means to save money while studying. And so they require financing through direct loans. Carolina Aeronautical works directly with students to provide financial assistance to those who don’t qualify through their G.I. bill benefits. This financial assistance can ensure students become certified without placing themselves into heavy debt.

Through the Carolina Aeronautical financial assistance program, the school will provide a loan to students at a rate of 10%. This loan allows the student to pay for their program in two-to-three payments until the final amount is paid. For those who will be applying through the V.A for their licensing programs, Carolina Aeronautical’s team can help with the paperwork to streamline the application process. It’s how Carolina Aeronautical is helping all students achieve access to high level aviation education.

To learn more, please contact the administrative staff at Carolina Aeronautical directly or visit their business website at www.carolina-aero.com.

About Carolina Aeronautical:

Headquartered in South Carolina and with conveniently-located sites around the U.S. and across the globe, Carolina Aeronautical provides hands-on training programs for non-degree students. Their industry expertise ensures that students are completely prepared for entrance into the workforce and for outstanding success in the fields of aeronautical maintenance, aviation communication systems and aviation navigation. For more information, please go to www.carolina-aero.com.
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John Gallien