First Banking Security Day in Kazakhstan: Biometrics on Top

BioLink announces the first Banking Security Day in Kazakhstan, to be held collectively with its partner “Ditis”. The event is expected to attract top managers of the leading banks and other financial institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, IT-security people and HR-staff. The Banking Security Day will take place on November 15, 2007, in Almaty, Ambassador Hotel Almaty.

Almaty, Kazakhstan, November 09, 2007 --( Those attending the Banking Security Day will be offered integrated solutions implementing the key requirements imposed on banking business processes, such as processing highly sensitive data, data protection against unauthorized access, physical access control for bank employees and clients, and time and attendance tracking. The Banking Security Day is divided into two business sessions, the one dwelling on theory and the other one devoted to the best practices of applying biometrics in banking applications, accompanied by BioLink project references.

One of the major identification issues to tackle is about protecting corporate banking data. Such corporate security challenges are addressed by BioLink IDenium providing for fast, reliable and convenient user identification by fingerprints.

Banks are also concerned about securing physical access to areas and facilities. Safe flow of employees and visitors, access control for storage areas, server rooms, deposit boxes, schedules and operation modes for the banking personnel, integration of time management and access control features – all these tasks are easily handled by BioTime, a biometric time management and access control system. Throughout the Banking Security Day this cutting-edge solution will be operating in real-time mode making it possible for visitors to try this user-friendly and convenient system themselves. To capture fingerprint images, BioLink U-Match scanners will be included into the exposition.

Another system to be discussed is BioLink AMIS, an automated multi-biometric information system intended for nationwide governmental programs and commercial applications. Among the most prominent applications of AMIS are the following: non-repudiatable confirmation of sensitive banking transactions, reliable identification of loan and insurance applicants, biometric ATMs, and many more.

Piotr Pertsov, Director of Business Development of BioLink, notes: “Kazakhstan, being the most active promoter of biometric identification technologies among CIS-countries, is not an accidental location of the Banking Security Day. Suffice it to mention the largest biometric identification project implemented by Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan (9,000 users) and a biometric identification system deployed in a subsidiary of Sberbank of Russia used to confirm transactions related to managing banking accounts. We’re sure the Banking Security Day will significantly boost the spread of biometrics in the financial sphere of Kazakhstan always known for its innovation and openness to efficient and mature technologies and solutions”.

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