Will Ukraine Drag America Into War with Russia?

New book provides exclusive insights into the current Ukrainian crisis, and identifies the unexpected causes of the conflict.

New Britain, CT, December 10, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Author William Dunkerley asserts that both Russia and the U.S. have Ukraine in their sights. In his new book, "Ukraine in the Crosshairs" he explores the dangerous game they are playing. It discloses facts about the 2014 crisis that political leaders don't want the world to hear.

What is Putin really up to? And what about the United States, the EU, and NATO? This book gives forthright answers, offers insightful analysis, and presents iconoclastic conclusions.

"Ukraine in the Crosshairs" exposes the ironic tragedy that is tearing Ukraine apart. Terrifying headlines of Putin's aggressive moves into Ukraine left the world questioning where he'd stop. The Russian president's enigmatic actions caused everyone to wonder about his motives. Now, Ukraine in the Crosshairs finally puts this all into perspective.

The author examines Putin's contributions to the Ukrainian crisis. But he also presents straight talk about the other actors involved. He shows how avaricious foreign entities have twisted Ukrainians' quest for a better life into an unremitting disaster.

Dunkerley explains the way in which Ukraine's ethnic and linguistic milieu was used to incite internal division at the expense of the beneficial diversity that had existed. He documents fabricated news stories that were used as a means of manipulation.

In the end the culprits are identified who've been in a position to benefit from the creation of Ukraine's calamitous condition.

"Ukraine in the Crosshairs" analyzes the period from the start of the Maidan demonstrations in November 2013 through to the controversial Eastern Ukraine elections of November 2014. Relevant historical context is included. Purchasers of the book will have exclusive access to a free update service.

About the author: William Dunkerley is a media business analyst and consultant specializing in post-communist countries. He is a Senior Fellow at the American University in Moscow. Mr. Dunkerley works extensively with media organizations in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and has advised government leaders on strategies for building press freedom and a healthy media sector.

Ukraine in the Crosshairs is published by: Omnicom Press (November 11, 2014), paperback 248 pages, ISBN-13: 978-0990452904.

Web: www.UkraineInTheCrosshairs.com
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