Underground Voices Announces the Publication of Nancy Weber's Novella, "Ad Parnassum"

Ad Parnassum is Nancy Weber's offbeat and eclectic novella, written in 1973. Included are two additional short stories: "Might Have Been" and "A Name For It."

Los Angeles, CA, December 09, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Reviews:

"The writing in all three works is rich with action and conflict, and it encourages readers to burrow deeper into the hidden layers of meaning." - Publisher's Weekly

"A swift, witty metafiction, Parnassus is life as seen through a kaleidoscope, offering a fresh take on a bright, ever-changing scene." - Kit Reed

"In Ad Parnassum, Nancy Weber has created a novella that is on the one hand, entirely ingenious, fascinating and clever and on the other, profoundly moving. More, she has introduced a heroine so singular and compelling that we can only hope that Weber will share her again, and soon. How Weber accomplishes this feat is as unique as her heroine." - Sherri Felt Dratfield

"Weber is the pointillist of prose, crafting prismatic fragments of images that resonate in one's soul." - Rose Levy Beranbaum, author of The Baking Bible.

"Nancy Weber excels at whatever she puts her pen to. In her rediscovered work, Ad Parnassum, dating from 1973, she invented an entirely new style of writing. The reader has to work at unraveling clues, but it's worth it when the pieces of the puzzle come together. There's a double reward, two equally surprising short stories all wrapped up in one package." - Vivian Fancher, Editor, CEOTraveler.com

About the Author:
Nancy Weber's books include two slipstream novels, "The Playgroup" and "Brokenhearted"; eight romances under the name Jennifer Rose; a pair of YA novels, "Double Solitaire"; and The Life Swap, the mostly true story of the glorious mess that came about in 1973 when she tried to become Micki Wrangler while Micki was trying to be her. Nancy wrote the American lyrics for "Seagull: The Musical" with noted Russian composer Alexander Zhurbin. Her pieces on food, sex, travel, and family appear often in www.nycitywoman.com, womensvoicesforchange.org, www.ceotraveler.com, and www.libidoforlife.com. She lives in Greenwich Village, the setting for her next novel, a murder mystery in which lovable swinging seniors are targeted by a repressed food blogger.
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