Texas Energy Group, LLC (TEG) Affiliate Announces Two SWD Facilities in Eagle Ford Shale

Texas Energy Group, LLC (TEG) affiliate, 5 Star SWD, LLC, announces two SWD facility locations in the Eagle Ford Shale which are expected to be open for business in the first quarter of 2015.

Spicewood, TX, December 11, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Texas Energy Group, LLC (TEG) affiliate, 5 Star SWD, LLC (5 Star), recently announced that it has begun construction on two SWD facility locations in the Eagle Ford Shale. Both the 5 Star Fashing SWD facility and the 5 Star Whitsett SWD facility are expected to be open for business in the first quarter of 2015.

5 Star Fashing SWD is located in Atascosa County, Texas and has been permitted through the Texas Railroad Commission for 15,000 BWPD. This facility location was one of the first that 5 Star secured in the Eagle Ford shale play. 5 Star Whitsett SWD was the second Eagle Ford area facility that 5 Star announced. It is located in Three Rivers, TX and has been permitted through the Texas Railroad Commission for a larger injection capacity of 25,000 BWPD.

“TEG is honored to be affiliated with 5 Star as it expands its activities throughout the Eagle Ford and Eaglebine plays. To be servicing and operating in the Eagle Ford shale, which was just proclaimed to have joined the billion barrel club by producing over a billion barrels of crude oil and condensate, is something that all of us here at TEG and 5 Star are extremely proud of,” stated Waylan Johnson, President of TEG and 5 Star SWD, LLC.

Mr. Johnson further stated, “We feel very fortunate to have been able to cover so much ground in the SWD marketplace in just the short amount of time that 5 Star has been up and running. We have already received a very welcoming response from Eagle Ford area operators and industry partners and believe it is due to our team’s innate ability to select and acquire such quality locations.”

5 Star’s approach to the SWD space has been carefully calculated based on area specific logistics, geology and engineering. Additionally, its management team has been working directly with some of the major players to strategize locations which best suit their needs. From location to facility design and everything in between, 5 Star adheres to a stringent selection process and assumes a hands-on approach so as to cultivate the proper foundation for success. It is 5 Star’s goal to build a base of environmentally safe, fully compliant injection well facilities that quickly become the standard in the SWD marketplace.

For further information regarding topics discussed in this article, including information on 5 Star’s current investment fund offering, please contact Texas Energy Group, LLC via their Investor Relations Department; (877) 893-6749 or visit them on the web at www.TexasEnergyGroup.com.

You may also contact 5 Star directly by visiting them on the web at www.5StarSWD.com where you can sign up for the 5 Star (corporate) mailing list and receive up to date information on all 5 Star activities.

Emails may be directed to Info@TexasEnergyGroup.com

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