Sublime Galleria Presents Performance/Interactive Art at The Collection, UB City

In association with Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology.

Bangalore, India, December 14, 2014 --( Sublime Galleria, South India's leading art gallery, reputed for introducing the most innovative art forms to Bangalore, showcased performances/ interactive art at The Collection, UB City this evening. This initiative was in association with the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. Since many of the exhibits/performances were being showcased only for one evening, Bangalore's art aficionados turned up in full strength to make the most of the event and marvel at the creative genius of the artists.

A major attraction was the "Tate: Global Art Space" exhibit - a collaborative project with TATE UK, Central St Martins London, Kochi Muzhris Biennale and Srishti, which was one of the highlights of the event. The exhibits are a result of collaborations between Indian and international artists and left everyone awed with their effects.

Sharing her thoughts on Sublime's latest exhibition, Uzma Irfan – Director, Prestige Group and Founder - Sublime Galleria said, "Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology is making a serious breakthrough in new art forms through innovative thinking and of course, the immense dedication of all associated with it. We, at Sublime, are very happy to support them in their efforts. Each and every exhibit showcased was truly unique… kudos to all the creators for their inspired thinking!"

The "Srishti Interim Showcase" featured the following exhibits at The Collection, UB City:

Project | Venue | Time
1. Dynamic Geometries | Ground Floor | 07:15pm
2. Performing Systems | Piazza | 08:00pm
3. Story of Light | Sublime Galleria | 09:00pm
4. Sonic Beams | PDR, Oakwood Residences | 07:00-10:00pm

In addition, the following was also featured on the 11th and 12th of December 2014 at The Collection, UB City:

Date | Project | Venue
11th & 12th Dec | TATE: Global Art Space | Sublime Galleria

About the projects:

* Dynamic Geometries
A collaborative site-specific multimedia performance by reputed international dancer/choreographer, Sonia Rodriguez and respected filmmaker, Ujjwal Utkarsh, using movement, music, digital art and sound. The collaboration is with the Attakkalari Talent Academy and Srishti. The overarching theme aims to showcase how the urban environment /architecture of our cities influence our experience, evokes our memories and fuels our imagination.

* Performing Systems
Created by Sofy - media artist and educator working with video, interactivity, projections, code, paper, and salvaged material. "Performing Systems" is a live interactive performance with light and sound, using generative electronic music and art that takes an iterative form. The focus is visual composition, writing one's own performance software and performing.

* Story of Light
This has been created by Yashas Shetty (artist and educator working between various disciplines including installation, sound, software and biotechnology) and Jatin Vidyarthi (sound artist and electronic music producer). In this exhibit, the artists along with the students have explored the nature of light as a medium and re-imagined light through installations, sound works and other experiments in the form of sonic works, kinetic sculptures, interactive installations and films, which will be showcased in "The Story of Light Festival" in Goa. The year 2015 is the "Year of Light" at the festival and CEMA at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology has been invited as a content partner, and to showcase work at this reputed festival.

* Sonic Beams
Created by Professor Cathy Lane (composer, sound artist, lecturer and researcher) and Sindhu Thirumalaisamy (artist and filmmaker), "Sonic Beams" is a sonic/audio/visual installation that locates itself to the lighthouses in Fort Kochi and around Kochi. Utilizing maritime history, myths, local folklore, oral history, shipping records, architecture, data, sounds of ships, waves, etc. the project aims to create a narrative, frame an archive and provide a dynamic experience of life around the sea.

* TATE: Global Art Space
Created by Michelle Williams Gamaker, whose work deals with performances and complex renderings of reality via documentary, fiction and video installation in collaboration with artist and textile designer, Meera, "Global Art Space" is a collaborative project with TATE UK, Central St. Martins London, Kochi Muzhris Biennale and Srishti. It explores and interacts with the local environment in London and India via performance and photography with the view to show artistic interpretations to a wider (global) audience through TATE Gallery, online exhibition and the Biennale in Kochi. The participation is about reenacting, recreating, and reinterpreting the artistic 'Generative'. A group of students in CSM, London, and Srishti School Bangalore have already created this generative in the first part of the project, led by artist Michelle Gamakar. The outcome will be a series of exhibitions in all the venues mentioned above.

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