Australian Author Danica-Lea Larcombe Publishes Second Travel Narrative "Abandoned in Paris"

Perth, Australia, December 16, 2014 --( Australian author Danica-Lea Larcombe has published her second major travel narrative through, the independent online publishing platform.

Danica is on her second journey around the world, but this time she has a partner to contend with. Soon after they leave he turns nasty, threatening to leave her behind in London. In Amsterdam, he gets her deliberately lost while negotiating canals on an old Dutch bicycle. She struggles with an insufficient map getting him lost in Toulouse in a camper-van that will not fit down the back streets. He decides to drive for three days solid from Bavaria to Portugal then kicks her out of the camper in France.

Danica arrives in Paris in a dazed shock with enough money to last just two weeks. She has to somehow find accommodation and get her life back together. With no home to go back to she decides she just has to carry on travelling on her around-the-world ticket.

Author Michael Pelusey (, comments "Danica took me on her journey of adventure and self-discovery in her second book, Abandoned in Paris. Every good travel memoir reveals not just the physical journey that the reader can follow, but also the inner personal journey the author goes through. The ups and downs of travelling with a partner that sadly goes pear-shaped are well and truly revealed in a warts and all deeply personal memoir. Danica doesn’t hold back resulting in a captivating read that shows vividly that good travel writing is much more than just a travelogue."

Between discovering Italy, the United States, Alaska, Canada, and Costa Rica she rediscovers herself while regaining her confidence and zest for life.

Finally she gets transported back in time in Cuba where the opportunity for romance is everywhere. Between the horse trainer, the cabaret dancer and the cheeky tour guide, which one will take her fancy?

Ms Larcombe says: "I successfully published Pushing the Boundaries: A Mission to See the World in 2009 and this latest trip three years ago also involved hand writing two diaries. The book is titled Abandoned in Paris, has 370 pages and can be found at Amazon"

Danica-Lea Larcombe is 47 years old and works in the Environmental Health field in Perth, Western Australia. She lives at North Beach in Perth, and can be contacted by email at

Danica’s website is She is currently writing a children’s travel series.
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