Product Launch: PowerCom PC3 - The New Generation of Keypads

PowerCom is pleased to announce the launch of their latest LCD screen wireless voting keypad that meets a variety of demands.

New York, NY, December 17, 2014 --( PowerCom PC3 is ideal for a vast amount of people.

PowerCom has been specializing in developing customized software to be integrated with wireless voting keypads. In September 2014 they revealed they will be launching a new wireless voting keypad mid-December. It is an audience response keypad that fits into the budgets of a vast amount of small to large companies and industry professionals.

Customers do not have to compromise on a keypad

PowerCom PC3 keypads come with a LCD screen, in a light-weight and compact design. It can be purchased or rented by a variety of people that have budget-constraints.

The LCD screen adds the ability for the users to check and confirm their responses. It can display any error codes or messages. In addition, it also shows valuable status indicators, such as signal, battery level etc...

The keypad and software come together as a package deal in order to ensure that events run flawlessly.

PowerCom PC3 is a solution that was designed for a variety of audience response events. The keypad system can meet various ARS (audience response system) requirements for various events, such as: corporate training, classroom interactive activities, sales meetings, employee training, town hall meetings, elections and much more.

To learn more about how Powercom can enhance your future ARS event with the Powercom PC3, contact Powercom at: 212-997-2000, or email,, or visit the website at
Stephanie Smith