Trendstop Fashion Trend of the Year 2015 is Modern Seventies

Trendstop, the fashion trend forecasting agency, today announced Modern Seventies as their Fashion Trend of the Year for 2015.

London, United Kingdom, December 18, 2014 --( The Modern Seventies trend direction will influence fashion, beauty and lifestyle products and campaigns throughout 2015. It offers a clean, contemporary and minimalist take on the 1970's aesthetic.

"Celine inspired structured pieces inform the Modern Seventies fashion translation," says Jaana Jätyri, founder of Trendstop.

Why Modern Seventies?
Modern Seventies represents a nostalgia for simpler, ‘pre-digital’ times in our hectic world. This has given rise to digital detox travel getaways, DIY hobbies and an increase in the sales of vinyl records and cassette tapes. Trendstop identified the trend in early 2013.

"Many of today's tastemakers were born in the 1970's. They are among the last generations to remember what life was like without constant connectivity," Jätyri explains.

Modern Seventies in Women's Fashion
Clean, elegant lines and natural materials inform Modern Seventies womenswear. Tactile textures and warm 70's inspired colors provide warmth associated with the decade. Bold A-line shapes and structured statement pieces create the silhouette. Key pieces include culottes, over-the-knee skirts, clean accessories, socks with sandals and new clogs.

Modern Seventies in Beauty
Modern Seventies beauty is pared-down and natural for both day and evening. Fringes or central partings frame the face with natural hair colors completing the look.

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About Trendstop
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As well as a comprehensive online resource covering current and future trends, Trendstop offers a full Trend Studio service to provide companies with hands-on assistance in working with trend concepts and translating trends into relevant products and campaigns.

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