Soft Integrator Releases Time Inspector - Comprehensive Employee Monitoring Solution

Soft Integrator, the software development company known for its multimedia products for home users, enters the corporate market with its new employee monitoring product, Time Inspector.

New York, NY, December 18, 2014 --( Soft Integrator announces the release of Time Inspector, a time tracker and employee monitoring solution for businesses of any size.

Time Inspector is a lightweight program for computers running Microsoft Windows. Installed on an employee's computer, it starts tracking all activities on that computer. The collected data is used to build reports of several types.

Time Inspector helps to identify some typical problems, for example, when the employees are:

Using working hours for private things: online shopping, playing games, etc.
Looking for a new job, or doing some work for a different company.
Leaking commercial information.

The summary report allows seeing all activity of an employee at a single glance. It shows a productivity bar and top productive / non-productive activities, which are programs and sites where an employee spent most of his / her time.

Detailed reports by sites and programs offer more information and can be exported in a number of formats.

Furthermore, the program can take screenshots of an employee's desktop and log search requests made by an employee on Google and other search engines.

Time Inspector is a cloud solution, which means that all data is stored on a secure cloud server. This offers several benefits: easy deployment (only the small client application is to be installed), accessing reports from any location using a mobile app (iOS, Android) or a browser (secure Web-Admin), adjusting settings for the entire company in a few clicks. Time Inspector can be easily deployed over a network.

In its usual mode Time Inspector shows an icon in the notification area, and employees are able to check their own productivity using the basic reports. If the invisible mode is activated, the time tracker runs silently, without disclosing its presence to the users.

Pricing and availability

The program has no special system requirements and can be installed on any computer running Microsoft Windows XP or newer (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, etc.).

To obtain the free trial version of Time Inspector, one should register / log in at and download the setup package from the control panel. The basic price is $7 per employee / month. Annual and volume discounts apply.


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