The Ukelation - an Eclectic Electric Ukulele. A Noteworthy New Kind of Instrument.

A new self contained electro-acoustic ukulele with built in speaker and effects that can be played anywhere. The Ukelation company is running a Kickstarter campaign now. See

Woodinville, WA, December 19, 2014 --( A new musical instrument company Ukelation, founded by technologist and luthier Monty Ross in Woodinville, WA has a new product.

They have started a Kickstarter project to build the Ukelation, an electro-acoustic ukulele made from custom chosen woods (some exotics are available) and has built-in electronics that gives the ukulele player a choice of special effects such as chorusing, reverb, echo and more that play right from the instrument without the need for amplifiers, wires, boxes or foot pedals.

The Kickstarter project is going on now through January 25th of 2015. Backers of the project can order their own Ukelation ukulele and take delivery in August 2015. Those who would like to be one of the first 10 in line for production can get one for $1999 in July. This sounds like a lot of money however some acoustic ukuleles can demand $2,000 to $4,000 thousand dollars and many an electric guitar can retail for $5000 to $10,000.

Founder Monty Ross was inspired after learning to play the ukulele and wanted to add some innovation to the instrument. The interest in playing the ukulele has skyrocketed in recent years and Ross felt the instrument should have more options than there have been previously.

More information about the instrument can be found at their website

The company claims, "you’ve never seen or heard the likes of it before." The instrument boasts a list of built-in features such as a speaker system, an internal power amplifier, an alkaline battery pack for 8-AA batteries with automatic shutoff to save battery life. There is a unique one-knob controller for the different internal effects choices for its variety of sounds. It has a smaller than normal body size yet it has a full tenor scale length, built with natural woods (no stains are used) with a durable poly finish to enhance each type of wood used. They will have several choices of wood available for the body, fretboard and headstock for custom builds. The instrument is strung with classical strings and low G tuning. Each instrument will come with your choice of a unique replaceable carved wood sound hole cover to give it a personalized look.
Monty Ross