Efficient Grommet Alternatives from E.L Hatton Sales Co. Now Available in a Variety of Different Options

Banner finishing can often feel like a hassle due to a lack of effective products on the market.

Wellington, OH, December 19, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The most traditional methods of banner manufacturing involve using grommets and grommet presses or sewing/welding equipment, but these can often prove to be expensive, time-consuming, and complicated to use. That is why E.L. Hatton Sales Co. has created several grommet alternatives to make the banner refinishing process easier for companies.

PowerTabs, BravoTabs, EdgeTabs, PolyTabs, and the original Banner Ups are just some of the few Banner Ups products available from E.L. Hatton Sales Co. According to Richard J. Hatton, the President of E.L. Hatton Sales Co., “Banner Ups products allow you to create super-strong banners instantly at a fraction of the time and cost of grommeting.” In addition, each of these grommet alternatives has its own unique set of advantages; for example, PowerTabs and EdgeTabs spread the stress of high winds over a much larger area because they are stronger than grommets.

The original Banner Ups were first created when Richard J. Hatton noticed a distinct need for banner finishing products that were durable, simple to use, and cost-effective. The original Banner Ups were created to stand up to both indoor and outdoor conditions better than plastic grommets. Banner Ups have even withstood sustained winds of 50-70 miles per hours, that’s 2-3 times stronger than plastic grommets alone.

To learn more about available sample packages or to find out more about Banner Ups’ grommet alternatives contact E.L. Hatton Sales Co. at http://www.bannerups.com/contact.aspx/.
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