ASAlaser 2014: Between Positive Budget and New Projects

Sales growth, encouraging percentages for the installation of their devices, opening new markets for Human and Vet sector: the year that is closing is a solid springboard to dive into a 2015 full of goals to reach.

Vicenza, Italy, December 20, 2014 --( ASAlaser’s 2014 closed with a positive sign. The company, despite the complex economic situation, initials new successes also for the current year, marked by not only an increase in sales and the consolidation of the European market, but also by the opening of new distribution channels for the Human and Vet sector. ASAlaser’s devices for MLS® Laser Therapy, Hilterapia® and Magneto Therapy are present more and more in international clinics and hospitals between the most prestigious, for the treatment of different diseases. This year the TMJ problems and craniofacial pain - areas where MLS® has had significant results in some countries (Australia, England and Thailand) become development platforms – are an example.

The picture outlined by the year that is ending is therefore very auspicious for 2015’s projects, all geared to internationalization: broadening the range of therapeutic solutions in the U.S. market through the distribution of Hilterapia®, focusing spread and training activities in Thailand and Australia and enhancing the dental sector through the participation in major international trade fairs. "In a positive perspective - explains Lucio Zaghetto, ASAlaser Ceo – we await for the end of the year the registration of our products in the Chinese market. An important permit for 2016. In 2015, moreover, we will ride the growing interest in the international arena for our veterinary lines with which we expect to achieve positive results also the next year." Also the veterinary sector has not betrayed the expectations, closing the year with growth percentage of Mphi Vet devices installed worldwide and with important openings of new distribution channels in Europe (England, France and Germany), South America (Brazil) and Oceania (Australia). To complete the ASAlaser’s mosaic contributing to its success is ultimately the training, flagship of the worldwide corporate strategy. Last year ASA’s staff has been engaged in over 50 missions between Human and Vet-training that have involved, among others, professionals in Russia, Thailand, United States. A significant data which confirms that continuous training is a process that involves the entire company, direct result of the research, of which translates in real-time the indications. Research that, developed according to criteria based on transparency, fairness and sharing of scientific knowledge, is a solid foundation for ASAlaser since its foundation. During the 2014, the activity of ASAlaser’s Research Division and of ASAcampus Joint Laboratory has developed several thematic lines - inflammation, pain management, repair and regeneration of tissues, among others - some of which already started previous years and further enriched during last season of new experimental paths that will engage ASAcampus researchers for all 2015 (study of the propagation of laser radiation, in particular infrared wavelength range, in the different kinds of tissues, application of magnetic fields to modulate the cell’s adhesion/migration, study of cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie the analgesic effect produced by laser therapy). "If specialization, training and research are the three strong cores of our identity able to represent the synthesis of a business project based on the radical reversal of traditional perspectives," said the CEO, -"the vocation to internationalization is part of our DNA. Looking across the border, opening ourselves to other markets, is part of our vision to achieve the goal set over 30 years ago: becoming the global benchmark in knowledge, production and development of therapeutic solutions based on laser sources and magnetic fields, through the continuous multidisciplinary research and the sharing of knowledge with professionals in human and veterinary health."
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