New Literary Fiction Novel – Katambora Rising Shines Light on Animal Poaching in Africa

Author, Rory Johnston is pleased to announce the release of the second book in his literary fiction Katambora Series entitled "Katambora Rising." Book one, "The Sands of Katambora: A Safari Chronicle" was released in early 2014. This new sequel takes the reader into 1970s Africa and shines a light on animal poaching.

Houston, TX, December 21, 2014 --( "Katambora Rising" is a beautiful tale that will delight readers while touching their hearts and awakening their senses. Johnston, who weaves his knowledge of Africa and his passion for its wildlife and people into his novels of love and personal relationships, has crafted a timely message.

“For any reader who is concerned about today’s unfolding poaching tragedy in Africa this novel is a must-read,” said Johnston. “'Katambora Rising' will make a really great, thoughtful gift for the holidays.”

"Katambora Rising" continues the story of the protagonist Colin Somerset’s dedication to the Zambezi River Valley and its BaTonga people. As the sequel to the popular first book, "The Sands of Katambora: A Safari Chronicle" (ISBN: 978-1494402761), "Katambora Rising" shares how despite immense challenges, the main character remains steadfast in his determination to change his family’s business from hunting to photographic safaris.

“'Katambora Rising', describes Colin Somerset’s quest to conserve the wilderness and wild creatures inhabiting the Zambezi Valley into the 1970s,” said Johnston. “His trials and successes on this journey make for an exciting read, especially as Rhodesia descends into a brutal civil war.”

The novel explores how regional military forces turn to elephant ivory and rhino horn poaching as a means to finance their efforts. "Katambora Rising" reveals how herds are decimated and shipped to satisfy an insatiable demand from China.

"Katambora Rising" is available in both print and ebook format.

Book Details:
Katambora Rising
By Rory Johnston
Published: November 2014
ISBN: 978-1502786999
Pages: 282
Genre: Literary Fiction

From The Author:
Rory Johnston, the author of “Katambora Rising,” weaves his knowledge of Africa and his passion for its wildlife and people into his novels of love and personal relationships.

In addition to the popular Katambora series, Johnston has written a number of other pieces, including “Growing Up In Africa,” “A Major Hoodwink” and “It Happened at Squeedunc Plantation”, which he co-wrote with his wife, Virginia Doyle.

Johnston and Doyle write about love and family relationships, and their message of hope, love and subtle spirituality is never far from the surface. The couple met on safari in Africa and still travel there several times a year. They live in Houston, Texas. For more information, please visit

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