HAGA Expert Comments on Mendocino County CA GMO Ban

Incline Village, NV, December 23, 2014 --(PR.com)-- In 2004, Mendocino County, CA played a key role in the fight against GMO products. On March 2nd that year, Mendocino became the first American county to officially prohibit the growing of GMO foods and animals. Home and Garden America and other long-time advocates of non-GMO seeds and organic products rejoiced at this significant milestone.

"It was definitely a game changer in the fight against GMOs. It proves that we can make it happen as long as the whole community comes together and supports the cause," an expert from Home and Garden America commented.

The ban on GMO foods was made possible through the ordinance called Measure H. It was supported by many local farmers, environmental groups, and concerned Mendocino residents who were determined to make their foods completely free from genetic modification.

57% of the voters backed up the ordinance despite strong opposition from notorious GMO companies like Monsanto and Dow Chemical. These are the same companies that constantly lobbied against Oregon's Measure 92, a ballot measure that requires the labeling of all GMO products in the State of Oregon. It was recently defeated on Thursday, December 11th. Supporters of the measure spent over $8M while the opposing side contributed almost $21M—making Measure 92 the most expensive Oregon campaign to date.

"When you look at the huge difference in the donation amounts, you can see just how desperate these giant companies must be. They seem to oppose any GMO labeling measures so they can keep selling their toxic products on the market. Power and profits would seem to be the motivation. Many have said that they seem to have no regard for the wellbeing of their consumers as long as they can keep making money. Meanwhile, local farmers and seed suppliers who produce non-GMO seeds are struggling to stay in business because of the lobbying efforts of these big companies," the HAGA expert continued.

"It has now been a decade since Mendocino County's Measure H was approved, but we're still far from labeling all GMO products in the country. However, let's just take these drawbacks as a challenge and do our best to inform others about the hazards of consuming GMO foods. Let's keep promoting the importance of buying locally-grown foods and starting an organic garden using non-GMO seeds. More counties and states will eventually follow Mendocino's footsteps. We'll get there—one step at a time," the HAGA expert concluded.

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Chuck Harmon writes consumer information material on a wide selection of products, and his expertise in the field of organic gardening is no exception. He is also an avid gardener and long-time supporter of heirloom non-GMO seeds.
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