Vembu Introducing MS-SQL Table Level Recovery

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Dallas, TX, January 03, 2015 --( Vembu Technologies is launching BDR v2.0.2 with MS-SQL Table Level Recovery to IT Communities. It is designed for both enterprise and SMB environments.

Table Level Recovery is used:

To recover a very small number of tables to a particular point in time.

To recover tables that have been logically corrupted or have been dropped and purged.

To recover an old table's data.

Table Level Restore

If you have a production database table that has important data. But if there are any issues with this table, you need a quick way to restore this data without having to restore the entire database. You can use Vembu BDR to simplify the restore of SQL database without affecting the production server. Lets say that you have configured the disk image backup or you have the db files (.ldf and .mdf) and you want to see the table entries inside the database. We have a solution whereby the user can decide whether to export database objects to the local drive or to restore directly to the destination MS-SQL Server.

Vembu BDR easily and flexibly allows the SQL administrator to see what columns and table entries are available in the particular SQL database. In addition, you can also view the tables without the SQL server installed on the machine. You can find two options in the next step, namely, “Export as .sql (supported with sql) or .xls format (supported with Excel)” and you can leverage this to perform any query analysis to optimize the execution time. I hope that this overview helped you understand the available options for a table level backup and restore. Every solution has its advantages and its disadvantages. You should decide what factors are more important in your shop and choose the options which best suits your needs.

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