Ecosmob Made New Announcements on CosmoBS Voice and Message Broadcasting Solution

Ecosmob Technologies has made new announcement on their Multi-Tenant Voice Call and SMS Broadcasting Solution – "CosmoBS" that can reduce your company expense by 30-70%. It is best suited for all sized enterprises.

Ahmedabad, India, January 05, 2015 --( Ecosmob Technologies is a leading Business VoIP Solutions provider that offers the flexible and affordable voice and SMS broadcasting solutions. Many unique yet functional range of Telecom solutions are rendered by the company and CosmoBS is one of them which is a highly featured automated Multi-Tenant Voice Blasting Software. It is a trouble-free software to integrate as well as to use.

On these holidays, you can have CosmoBS on 10% discounted rate that schedules a broad collection of user-friendly features including:

Versatile interface

Easy message creation

Message customization

Message management

Text-to-voice converter

Throttle concurrent calls

Notifying the call reports

Reliable delivery

Handling many IVR scripts at a single time

With this Voice Call and SMS Broadcasting System, you can easily pass your messages and reach to your audience at even the remote locations. In this way, you can deliver the desired messages to your audience across the entire globe. Also, this robust software adds a personal touch to your communication by conferring the text-to-voice feature with the use of which, one can upload his own voice recording and if a call is not answered, one can even set his own message by using its Personalized Message feature which means “Recording message in own voice.” The another important feature is if CosmoBS does not get the reply, it automatically retries on the specified interval for the specified number of times.

CosmoBS, enriched with such robust features, is beneficial to a broad continuum of verticals including:


Telephone and Marketing Sectors

Call Centers and Customer Supports

Automotive and Education Sectors

Medical and Healthcare Divisions

Lodging and Travel Companies

Government and Political Campaigns

The Company claims to deliver the Multi-Tenant voice call and message blasting solutions to all sized enterprises ranging from a very small to a large in almost each and every vertical.

One can take advantage of presented technically featured CosmoBS that renders multiple following services:

Appointment and Payment Reminder

Credit Card Activation

Third Party Telephonic Verification

Automated Virtual Assistant Desks

Customer Polls and Surveys

Draws and Contests

Product Branding Campaigns

Fund Raising Projects

Severe Weather Warnings

Furthermore, with this VoIP Software, you can reduce your company’s expenditure by 30-70% than that of hiring the voice agents and hence, it can become the cost-saver of your enterprise.

About Ecosmob Technologies:
Ecosmob Technologies ensures the best return on technology investments through its next-generation VoIP software. By delivering the eminent outsourcing solutions, Ecosmob augments the market presence. If you want to make your company’s services more efficient by using VoIP solutions offered by CosmoBS – MultiTenant Voice Broadcasting Solution, contact Ecosmob and avail the special discount of 10%, on this Holiday Season.

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