Savannah Cupcake Owner and Former Savannah News Anchor Releases Cookbook

Bambi Frazier, a former WTOC-TV news anchor has released her first cookbook. Now the owner of Savannah Cupcake, Frazier anchored Savannah's #1 morning newscast for WTOC from 2004-2006 and also served as the station's first ever consumer reporter. The cookbook was heavily inspired by Frazier's time spent in Savannah and also makes several mentions of the coastal city in many of the short stories that accompany the recipes. "Better Bites" is available on

Savannah, GA, January 03, 2015 --( Bambi Frazier, a former WTOC-TV news anchor has released her first cookbook. The recipes inside “Better Bites” span across at least 4 generations. Each recipe comes along with a quick-read short story - sometimes one line or sometimes a few paragraphs - about where each recipe was derived or what may have inspired it. Frazier hits all areas of ones palate showcasing simple side dishes, like the potato salad recipe or her top secret carrot cake recipe.

That dessert is one of the best sellers from her highly successful gourmet cupcake company - Savannah Cupcake. Located in Washington, DC, Frazier and her husband chose the coastal city name for Savannah Cupcake because they fell in love with the city during their 6 years in Savannah from 2002-2008. The south had an apparent impact on many of Frazier’s culinary creations, as Savannah is mentioned throughout the book on several occasions. Even Port Wentworth’s Annual Collard Greens Festival gets a highlight, as Frazier’s tasted a cornbread there that led to the creation of her own cornbread recipe in the “Better Bites” cookbook.

It was also in Savannah where Frazier may very well have made an appearance in your home - that is - via television. She co-anchored Savannah’s #1 morning newscast on Savannah CBS affiliate WTOC-TV from 2004-2006 and was a consumer reporter in the years prior at the station. But at that time, she was known to viewers by her on-camera name as “Dmitra Denmark,” a combination of her middle and maiden names.

“When I first began my news career in Clarksburg, WV, my news director called me into his office and kindly suggested that I not use my birth name, ‘Bambi’ on camera. I laughed and said, ‘Why not?’” But really, it was kind of obvious. ‘Bambi’ doesn’t typically correlate with ‘news anchor’ so of course, I understood.”

The name “Dmitra Denmark” stuck and stayed with her during her time on the air in Savannah.

In addition to her time as a news anchor at WTOC, Frazier did a popular weekly segment titled, “Let Dmitra Do It” where she went to local businesses across the region and did the jobs of local employees. It was also during that time that she began compiling recipes for her cookbook because she was “inspired by all the great food and charm that is synonymous with Savannah and the south as a whole,” Frazier says.

“This cookbook has a little bit of everything because really, it seems like I’m surrounded by good cooks and delicious food it all the time,” Frazier continues, “I just thought it all needed to be shared with the people and places I have come to love over the years.”

“Better Bites” by Bambi Frazier is available on for $12.95 and is eligible for Prime shipping.

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