Realized Master Now Holding Satsangs. New Website, "Selfless Self," Focuses on the Undiscovered Treasure That is Ramakant Maharaj

Ramakant Maharaj, disciple of Nisargadatta Maharaj for over 50 years, is now sharing direct knowledge, giving the highest teachings of Advaita Vedanta. These Non-dual offerings are being given free of charge and are conveyed in simple language for maximum effectiveness and widespread understanding. He is based in a small ashram in Nashik, Maharashtra.

Brooklyn, NY, January 05, 2015 --( Anthony Bridgewater was so excited to hear of this undiscovered Master, that he felt compelled to visit him at his small Ashram in Nashik, Maharashtra. While there, he asked other visitors about their experiences. Mr. Bridgewater decided to spread the word of Ramakant Maharaj by creating a new Website called Selfless Self. The Master said “If you want to compare yourself to anything, compare yourself to sky.” “I have chosen the blue and ethereal quality of sky for my Website,” said Mr. Bridgewater. “The Master also mentioned a new book of his undiluted teachings entitled Selfless Self, coming out early 2015.”

After decades of Western Neo-Advaitin self-styled Gurus, often with little or no substance, Ramakant Maharaj has emerged as a strong authentic teacher of Non-Duality, Oneness. He is unlike most contemporary teachers with their 'pick n mix' type of spirituality, who not only make vulnerable seekers emotionally dependent on them, but even charge for the 'Satsangs', ie for “Being with the Truth.” Some of them will charge from $1,000-$2,000 – claiming: 'Guaranteed Self-Realization!'

“We have a strict rule in our lineage,” said Ramakant Maharaj, “You must not ask a disciple or anyone to pay anything for the teachings.” He echoes the words of his Master before him: “I am making you Masters, not disciples.” His motive is selfless: “I am not asking you for anything. There is no charge: Zero $$$! I want to share the knowledge that my Master shared with me and help others to become enlightened. It is my duty.”

He continues: “I am not giving you anything new. Everything is within you. It is your Knowledge, your Truth. I am just reminding you of your Reality which you have forgotten, and regenerating your power. How can you charge for Knowledge, for Truth that is already your rightful property? It belongs to you.”

Ramakant Maharaj's radical teachings and direct approach appear to be having an immediate transformative effect, and awakening seekers in a deep and lasting way. “His teachings are extraordinary and so simple,” one Australian told Anthony. “He is the real deal, what I was looking for,” an Israeli visitor commented. This Master has not just appeared out of nowhere. He spent twenty years with his Master, Nisargadatta Maharaj, whose teachings published in the spiritual classic, I Am That, brought the spiritual search of many seekers, to a sudden halt.

Ramakant Maharaj, first met his Master in 1962. After a lengthy period of quiet absorption, he began to teach. He belongs to a long and illustrious lineage of Masters, namely the Inchegiri Navanath Sampradaya. In 2001, he started offering the Naam Mantra and initiating sincere seekers to this lineage.

A steady stream of visitors from across the world are now meeting with the Master at his modest ashram in Nashik, Maharashtra. So what is it about this 73 year old Guru that is attracting seekers? He is Self-realized and speaks good English. His approach is direct, simple and pragmatic. The lineage teachings are the highest, with no frills, and are uncompromisingly absolute.

The proof is in the pudding, as Anthony found out from a few other visitors at the ashram: Alison from the States, said: “I have been a seeker for about 40 years. Before meeting Maharaj, my spiritual knowledge was basically intellectual knowledge. Now, thanks to Maharaj, it is real and alive. A big shift has definitely taken place.”

Another American lady, Jennifer, described how everything just clicked into place: “Unfortunately, I missed Nisargadatta Maharaj. I have been meditating for years but felt I wasn't really making a lot of progress. But then I got the Naam Mantra. It's so powerful, it has made all the difference. When Maharaj speaks, he speaks with authority. You know he's speaking Truth because of the clarity. Everything came together, and I knew. I understood the real meaning of some of the books I had read. Now I really and truly know that 'I am That'. Ramakant Maharaj has definitely got it. He is a Jnani,” (ie Realized).

For Sita from Delhi, what stands out is Maharaj's radical approach, and the very effective, ruthless way he dismisses all 'body knowledge' – that means everything. This includes the great literary classics of the spiritual Masters, like the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads from which she took guidance - her 'Bible', so to speak. “Maharaj once asked me, 'Were you reading the Gita and the Upanishads prior to beingness?' At the time, I just laughed, but the penny was dropping. What he was saying I had never heard anywhere else, and it was all very logical. Yes, it all made perfect sense. He was always directing me back to myself saying, 'You don't have to look anywhere or go anywhere for answers. The questioner is the answer to all questions. Visit your own site and look within'. He showed me. I'm home now.”

Anthony Bridgewater
Selfless Self
Anthony Bridgewater