Dot Bunn Exhibit at Howard Gallery of Fine Art

Bunn, life long Bucks County resident, is a studio painter working in oil paintings. The exhibit runs from November 9th, 2007 through December 30th.

New Hope, PA, November 11, 2007 --( Howard Gallery of Fine Art announces that starting November 3rd, Dot Bunn will be exhibiting her new work in a show - “In the Tradition”. “I love Bucks County and find it endlessly inspiring. My paintings are done with a combination of a very old process of painting involving the layering of glazes combined with the application of direct opaque paint and the best quality materials available to the artist of today. The results yield a glow and intensity of color that capture my vision of this beautiful area.” states Dot.

Alongside her well loved landscape paintings, the show includes still life painting and figurative work including The Seamstress, which received the Patrons Award for Painting at the Phillips’ Mill Juried Art Exhibition this year.

Dot Bunn is a full time studio painter, teacher, lecturer working in traditional methods of painting using 21st century tools.

Her award winning work has been exhibited at numerous juried shows including Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, Salmagundi Club, American Artists Professional League Grand National Exhibition in NYC, Reading Public Museum, and the Berman Museum. Dot says, “I am definitely a classical painter with a great love of color. I am in the process of incorporating the use of the golden section in my compositions which involves more deliberate planning of the compositional space. This is geometry applied to art which gives structure based on a natural sense of beauty that resonates in all of us.”

Dots larger paintings make you feel as if you could walk right in, smell the soil, be stained by the grass, and feel the atmosphere. Howard Gallery of Fine Art owner Howard Cooperman states, "In my opinion, Dot Bunn is the most prominent studio landscape painter working in Bucks County today. She is the “Daniel Garber” of our day”. Her passion for capturing Bucks County and the people who work there is evident in her richly colored paintings. About her painting Last Light, she states, “My favorite season is autumn and this quiet spot off Bergstrom Road was at the height of its color and beauty. One could linger there forever and never tire of the moment”, and about Rendezvous, she states, “My paintings are visual stories told in an instant of color and composition. When I came upon this scene while visiting Cedaridge Farm, it made me think of France post WWII and a possible clandestine rendezvous.”

Dot and Howard look forward to greeting you at the open receptions being held on Saturday November 10, from 4pm - 9pm, and Sunday November 11, from Noon to 4pm. Howard Gallery of Fine Art is located at 77 W. Bridge Street, New Hope PA. and is open Tuesday through Saturday 10am - 5pm, Sunday 12pm - 5pm, and by appointment. Call (215) 862-5272 or visit

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