Ainsworth Trailer Repair Stresses the Importance of Balancing Your Trailer for Maximum Trailer Safety

Denver, CO, January 04, 2015 --( With the rough winter weather upon us, Ainsworth Trailer Repair is offering their trailer safety expertise based on the damage they continually repair to help new drivers ensure that their trailer is properly maintained and managed for the loads they haul.

One example, is improperly loading your trailer can lead to an uneven weight distribution that not only creates danger such as an increased stopping distance and higher chances of whipping and rolling, but also puts unnecessary strain on individual wheels, axles, springs and frame components.

To ease the load, trailer loading should be conducted with the goal of having 60% of the weight in the front of the trailer and 40% in the back, as well as a balanced weight from the both sides of the trailer. Many materials loaders make the mistake of loading trailers based on how things fit, which can hinder trailer safety and cause excessive wear or damage to the trailer components.

Heavy or top-heavy items should always be loaded first and secured close to the floor in front or over the axles. Make sure to secure loads with strapping or chains of proper strength to minimize their susceptibility to shifting. Furthermore, the back of your trailer should contain the lightest items, as too much weight can lead to swaying and throw off your trailer’s pitch.

Never exceed your vehicle’s towing capacity and always keep your tongue weight at approximately 9% to 15% of your trailer weight. Failing to follow these guidelines can lead to accidents on the road and make for especially dangerous driving conditions during the winter. Commit to regular trailer inspections to ensure that all your suspension is working properly and hasn’t been damaged by improper loading.

Ainsworth Trailer Repair provides trailer inspections and preventative trailer maintenance for drivers or owner/operators looking to keep their trailer weight as optimal as possible. Your trailer’s safety will be increased or decreased by your ability to follow the above tips, so make sure to keep them in mind before loading your trailer.

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