"Rock, Paper, Wizards!" Has Now Appeared on the Android Market

An Android app that brings the magic back to the classic rock, paper, scissors game.

Los Angeles, CA, January 04, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Rock, Paper, Wizards! - Available now on the Android market, the app offers users of all ages an adventure into the ranks of Magicians, The Gathering, an annual contest of magical skill, where rock, paper, scissors magic reigns supreme. The app promotes quick thinking and rewards those with sharp reflexes. Rock, Paper, Wizards! aims to bring the classic pastime of rock, paper, scissors to the digital platform.

In Rock, Paper, Wizards! players follow Oscar Burlin, a loving father and magician who lives modestly and literally pulls rabbits out of a hat to make ends meet. In an effort to regain his daughter’s esteem after a botched birthday party, Oscar enters a contest of magic, the main event for the annual magical carnival. With his trusty magician’s wand, Oscar joins the ranks of wizards, witches, and magical creatures all struggling for the title of best magic wielder in the world by selecting the winning sign (Rock, Paper, or Scissors) five times per battle. How far up the ranks can he climb in the never-ending contest? The pace grows faster and faster, increasing the challenge, the higher players climb to their places on the leader boards.

Rock, Paper, Wizards! Features:

· Crisp, Paper-Like Graphics
· Fast-paced Gameplay
· Free to Play
· Leaderboards
· Many Mythical Creatures
· Updates with New Enemies to Come

Rock, Paper, Wizards! is available now in the US and worldwide on the Android Market.

Rock, Paper, Wizards! was developed by ZebraFox Games. For more information, screenshots, and videos, please visit zebrafoxgames.com.

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