Registered Nurse Releases New Book - "American Hospital English (AHE)"

Author and registered nurse, Laura Medlin is pleased to announce the promotion of her book, "American Hospital English (AHE)." This book merges the topics of language study and U.S. healthcare.

Paradise, CA, January 05, 2015 --( "American Hospital English (AHE)" is a picture dictionary-style book for anyone interested in the type of English language used in American hospitals. Arranged alphabetically, each of its 26 chapters is devoted to one letter of the English alphabet. The content of the images includes abbreviations, anatomy, clothing and personal hygiene, cultural trivia, descriptors, disease, equipment, food, medications, months of the year, numbers, procedures, shapes and signs. Each item is accompanied by a definition, phonetic spelling and sample sentence. Images are situated on one half of each page, with text on the other. An index in the back of the book can be used as a cross-reference tool and to help locate words quickly.

Many of the phrases resemble those that may be encountered during classes or examinations for various healthcare occupations. It can be useful as a reference tool or exercise book by professionals as well as non-professionals. It is designed to be an introduction to hospital work and language for all levels of native and non-native speakers of English.

"American Hospital English (AHE)" is available in both print and ebook formats.

Book Details:
American Hospital English (AHE)
By Laura Medlin
Publisher: Xlibris
Published: March 2014
ISBN: 978-1493162666
Pages: 295
Genre: Medical English

From The Author:
Laura Medlin is a registered nurse who has worked in the clinical patient care setting for over 20 years. She also has a degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Laura lives and works in Northern California.

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Laura Medlin
Laura Medlin