Game 11, the Numbers Puzzle - from Webprogr's Stable a New Entrant in the Mobile Phone Game Development and Designing for Android, Amazon and iOs

Webprogr released a new updated Android mobile game, Game 11 in the Google Playstore. Download from: Numbers shuffled around to reach the tile 11. Board game for the brain, for relaxation for playing anywhere to drive boredom away.

Chennai, India, January 07, 2015 --( released a new casual Mobile Android Game 11, The Number Puzzle updated in the Google Playstore and all the favorite app stores.

It is mobile phone app game suitable for all age groups and those who want to spend time while waiting for their turn to catch a bus, train or aircraft. It is an easy funny game, which will help to feel players engaged. The game is available in all leading play stores.

Download from:

It is a casual addictive game where one slides on numbers to shuffle them fast to score quickly and reach the tile 11, just like #2048. The game is interactive and competitive, educational and gives endless periods of fun. The puzzle is a board game in which one uses observation, focus with perception and patience. Logic and speed go a long way in enhancing scores in this creative and fulfilling game, which also improves memory. Shuffle the numbers and drive loneliness and boredom reaching the tile 11, just like in #2048.

People, who are feeling lonely and bored, people patiently waiting for their turn in the queue would enjoy this game tremendously.

Game 11 is a simple addictive board game of numbers. Focus and playing with rapt attention help reach the 11th tile.
Raoul Murphy