Frank Graves Multi-Million Selling Author is on the Trail Once More

The author Frank Graves is like the London bus route, missing one bus involves a long wait before the next five arrive simultaneously.

London, United Kingdom, January 07, 2015 --( His first published work in 1989, an adult fictional novel named African Chess, his next major epic published by Marshall Cavendish Publishing was the multi-million selling series called "The Ancestral Trail," a beautifully designed magazine series of his work were split into two halves, an Ancestral World and a Cyber World that made up a total of 52 issues with consecutively numbered page and series numbers.

The first half, published fortnightly throughout 1993, takes place within a mythological Ancestral World to describe a teenager's struggle to restore good to that world. After the initial international run that sold in excess of 30 million copies worldwide, the second half of that series was then published and the next 26 issues sold during 1994, that half took place in the totally different Machine Driven Cyber Dimension about the boy's attempt to find a way back to his own world while still tackling evil. The series sales nature meant that although the whole works entailed one single story throughout, each issue then centered on a particular adventure against a very different and specific adversary that always ended on a cliffhanger and that, is the missed bus.

After some 20 years Graves again took up the writing cudgel during 2014 and produced five major epic novels covering more that three quarters of a million words, firstly Book One and Two of The Ancestral Trail Trilogy novels are published while, Book Three will be released early in 2015 and they are aimed at the Young Adult marketplace.

There were also three cross-over novels aimed at Adult Fictional Thriller market all having similar underlying themes intertwined through the stories namely, Large Businesses Conglomerates, Governmental Conspiracy and Corruption involvement. They are, the completely revamped and updated African Chess (Conspiracy, Commodities & Corruption), The Kixing (Illegal Boxing, Kixing & Company Take-over) and The Culling (Where Earthquakes and Tsunamis are used in a plan supported by the UN to curb world over-population), that is where five buses arrive simultaneously.
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