PS Filter Now Manufacturing Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Filtration Equipment for De-Oiling

Alberta is one of the few places in the world that is home to a large reserve of crude oil; a material that both quickly fleeting and crucial for modern day life.

Calgary, Canada, April 06, 2015 --( However, in order to acquire this oil, a process of steam-assisted gravity drainage needs to be used to access the valuable material beneath the earth’s surface. In order to recycle the water used in SAGD operations, a multi-stage de-oiling filtration process is required. To ensure that water is treated after SAGD operations, PS Filter manufactures a number of de-oiling filtration equipment parts.

The method for attaining oil in Alberta involves drilling two horizontal wells that are approximately 5 metres apart into the ground. Once complete, steam is used to soften the bitumen which becomes oil. Gravity completes the entire process by draining the oil into the lower well that is pumped to the surface.

After this process is complete, the 90% of the water that is used can be recycled back through a de-oiling process. There is a four-fold oil/water separation process that is involved when bitumen reaches the surface. This treatment moves the water through a backwash mixer that scrubs and separates the water from the oil before discharging and recirculating the clean water. PS Filter creates filtration equipment to make sure that the water is treated effectively and that filtration systems do not break down at an inconvenient moment.

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