Market Media Releases Free Google Analytics | Beginners Guide - Chapter 5

Google Partner, Market Media, is releasing chapter 5 of their ongoing free online course "Google Analytics | Beginners Guide Chapter 5." This chapter will discuss the setup process, the account hierarchy, and the user permissions access levels.

Denver, CO, January 07, 2015 --( Market Media (online marketing experts and Google Partner) is releasing chapter 5 of their ongoing free online course for beginners on Google Analytics. The course is intended to educate businesses and business decision makers on how to use Google Analytics to improve the return on their online investment by making more informed strategic approaches. The course will help the user obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the terms and concepts as well as become more familiar with the interface application.

This Chapter will guide the user through the setup process. It will also discuss the hierarchy of the Google Analytics Account (Account > Property > View), as well as explain in detail the user permission access levels. Google Analytics | Beginners Guide – Chapter 5 can be found at the following URL:

A spokesperson for Market Media was quoted as saying “The account setup can be quite frustrating when you haven’t ever done it before. Chapter 5 in this guide by our Google Certified Online Marketing Manager, Daniel Arbizu, gives a step by step manual for you to follow to make that process a little easier. It also gives a deeper insight into how this digital analytics platform works by explaining the account hierarchy and going into how the user permission access levels work.”

About Market Media: Market Media is an online marketing company that specializes in online sales, traffic/ lead generation, web design/ development and conversion optimization.
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