Rabarama Becomes Guest Curator on Artistaday

The Italian sculptor was invited to be guest curator of the famous Art Portal International Artistaday.

Padova, Italy, January 07, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Thanks to her continued success in the new media, the Italian artist Rabarama was invited by the famous art portal Artistaday to become a guest curator, offering a commented selection of artists. Rabarama declares: "I am proud of this proposal: Artistaday is and will increasingly be a landmark in the world for those who want to have the 'pulse' of what is happening in the art world from the point of view the public without intermediaries."

The curatorial choice for Rabarama fell on five international artists active in various fields, painting, sculpture and installations, such as Kumi Yamashita, whose work is so introduced by Rabarama: "She transforms normal sceneries and sights on something different, working in a soft way, I would say That Kumi Yamashita works with shadows. Her works make me think to a great book, 'The Book of Shadow' by Junichiro Tanizaki in the attention she had in the balance of real light and real shadows.

Rabarama is today the only Italian woman artist to have had that honor. Paola Epifani, alias Rabarama, was born in Rome in 1969. She received her BFA from Venice Academy of Fine Arts in 1991 and immediately started entering her work in sculpture competitions, in Italy and abroad.

Towards 2011, Rabarama switched her focus to DNA and genetics. Her figures, which previously had shown no aspirations whatsoever and had just conveyed a status quo, underwent a further metamorphosis; they rip off the skin-wrapping they had been covered in from the beginning, symbolizing the need to cast off their casing, in the relentless attempt to free themselves, an exhausting and never-ending struggle.

The next stage of her journey consisted in the creation of men-trees covered in bark and interwoven grass. Her production became quite eclectic, including terracotta sculptures, painted bronze, pieces in marble and glass, oil paintings, resin inclusions, artistic gold jewels, recent rubber monotypes and graphics.

Her work has been exhibited worldwide, including at the Venice Biennale, the Chinese Modern Biennial in Beijing, the Millennium Monument Art Museum in Beijing, and la Estancia Cultural Centre in Caracas.
Rabarama di Paola Epifani
Paola Epifani