Dolphin Treasure Hunt - New Educational Children's App

Life Cleansing today introduces Dolphin Treasure Hunt, their new arcade game for iOS devices and Amazon Kindle. The player becomes a dolphin in this entertaining game.

Brisbane, Australia, January 09, 2015 --( Life Cleansing today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Dolphin Treasure Hunt 1.0, their new arcade game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices and Amazon Kindle.

A little dolphin is swimming in her ocean home. She has three chances to avoid the harmful litter, in order to catch the fish. When a key appears, fetch it to unlock the hidden treasure. If the treasure chest is unlocked, receive additional points for each treasure found inside. Collect a diamond to increase the dolphin’s life. When a golden hand appears, collect it to remove all the litter and receive 100 points. Play over time, to unlock other sea animals in the treasure chest. Once achieved, change the dolphin into that animal. If the dolphin collides with the various creatures that protect the treasure, points will be lost. However, if a dolphin friend is found, gain additional points and post the score to Game Center or GameCircle.

Feature Highlights:
* Entertaining gameplay
* 6 ocean habitats to choose from
* Deep underwater habitat with unique fish and protectors of the treasure
* Choose from a variety of music tracks
* Achievements to change into other sea creatures
* Find dolphin friends and post your scores to Game Center or GameCircle
* Challenge friends and post to leaderboard
* Engaging graphics
* Easy tap-to-play functionality
* Developed by a teacher for children and educators
* Discover more about dolphins and their habitat

Dolphin treasure hunt makes it easy to post high scores and compete with friends. It allows players to post to Facebook from within the app. Dolphin Treasure Hunt is also Game Center-supported so players can post their high score and how many times they have found a dolphin friend to the leaderboard and issue challenges to friends.

“Dolphin Treasure Hunt is our exciting new game that teaches children about dolphins through an entertaining game," explains Developer and Teacher, Natalie Clarke of Life Cleansing. "The App has been designed with the assistance of children to educate about animals and the environment. There is also many unusual sea creatures that protect the treasure. Search for dolphin friends during the game. Sometimes, they are not easy to find! We think players will find Dolphin Treasure hunt a fun, addictive and an educational game to play, in and out of the classroom.”

Company Info:
Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Life Cleansing was founded in 2009. Life Cleansing develops books and mobile gaming apps for the iOS platform. Their mission is to educate children about caring for animals and the environment. Copyright (C) 2015 Life Cleansing. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.
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