The First Insider's Book on Iran Nuclear, by Sadegh Shajari: "Chain Reaction and Chaos: Toward Modern Persia"

In this new perspective, Iran’s quest for nuclear power—in the context of the global energy challenge and the Cold War-era nuclear arms race—takes on new dimension.

Los Angeles, CA, January 11, 2015 --( This study goes beyond current affairs and analyzes interactions between the complex evolution of U.S. policy toward Iran and events in modern Iranian history that shape the determinants of Tehran’s foreign policy.

Today, the shockwaves of the cataclysm that became known as the Islamic Revolution have irrevocably transcended Iran’s frontiers. In the aftermath of the revolution, Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded, and the Republicans, who had gained power thanks to the hostage crisis, now had to shy away in light of the Iran-Contra scandal. The revolution was a byproduct of the great powers’ array of geostrategic moves following World War II.

This book explores the order that underlies Iran’s chaotic dynamics that have potential to bring about unintended results. The best example of this is President Carter’s human rights policy, which, unexpectedly, via strange attractor dynamics, led to the fall of the Shah that marked the end of the U.S. twin-pillar policy in the Persian Gulf.

Sadegh Shajari’s book on nuclear Iran represents a remarkable contribution to our understanding of what is at stake. The credibility of this book is rooted in that of its author. A trained nuclear scientist, Shajari has since the days of the Shah been directly implicated in Iranian nuclear policy. He continued his involvement in the nuclear activities of the Islamic Republic before breaking with the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. Still preoccupied by the current situation, the author is a strong advocate for a denuclearized Middle East. (Bernard Ravenel, French historian and co-founder of the French periodical, Confluences Mediterranean)

About the Author
Sadegh Shajari is a former senior official at the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), advisor to Iran’s vice president, as well as associate professor and member of Iran’s Scientific Research Council. Under the Shah of Iran, Shajari was among the young PhD science and engineering graduates of Western universities whom the AEOI sought and absorbed.

Paperback: 318 pages
Publisher: University Press of America (January, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0761865217
ISBN-13: 978-0761865216
Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 0.9 x 9.1 inches
Sadegh Shajari