The WordPress Helpers Aims to Create a Definitive Resource for the World's Most-Used Website Software

With more than 60 milllion sites using it "," it's time to make understanding how WordPress works less difficult.

New York, NY, January 17, 2015 --( That's the issue The WordPress Helpers seeks to address—and change. Conceived and built by a 25-year veteran of the media/journalism and technology implementation and training businesses, The WordPress Helpers aims to be the go-to source for WordPress information, training, and community.

"How can it be that software designed to make building and managing websites easy and used in 23% of all Internet properties in the world is still too hard for most people to understand?" asks Jeff Yablon, The WordPress Helpers' founder.

WordPress, which started out as a simple blogging tool and has grown into a mature, easily-extensible Content Management System, nevertheless presents challenges to implementation. "The nuts and bolts behind WordPress are incredibly easy to manage. The early steps can even be offloaded 100%, literally for free," says Yablon, "but everything that happens from that point forward requires some knowledge of technological, marketing, and user experience issues that are beyond the level most people understand when they select a design—only to realize it neither looks nor acts like the slick example they were attracted to when they chose it."

Mr. Yablon continues: "'The WordPress Community', the technologists on whose efforts WordPress' runaway success has been built, aren't the group on whom Wordpress' continued growth and success will be based. This amazing piece of software needs to be more friendly to its users, and our goal at The WordPress Helpers is to bring that simple accessibility about by expanding The WordPress Community to include end users and people with business concerns."

In soft launch as of January 13, 2015, The WordPress Helpers combines informational, product, and social networking components. A video component is planned for the second half of 2015.

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