Flashphoner Merges Browser-SIP Telephony and WebRTC-Streaming in a Software Platform Web Call Server 4

Web developers have received a powerful tool to create interactive web applications for Internet telephony and streaming video services working in a browser - Web Call Server 4.

Moscow, Russia, January 17, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Historically, the niche of browser-based audio and video communications was occupied by Flash, so end-users had to install plugins into their browsers to use audio and video communications. Today, thanks to the WebRTC technology plugins are rendered obsolete, and a browser can "out of the box" send video from a web-camera to the Internet, receive and playback video streams.

Web Call Server 4 being a linchpin of in-browser video transmission allows implementing almost any scenario for WebRTC-based audio and video communications in a browser including webinars, SIP integration, browser calls to stationary and mobile phones, "call from a website" function and many more.

In the new version Web Call Server 4 offers a convenient and versatile API that allows making web-calls, play streaming video from web- and IP surveillance cameras, send video streams to a server and exchange text messages and other information in real time.

Developers who decide to base their services on Web Call Server 4 get the client JavaScript API and the server REST API, which combined make possible implementing all ranges of possible interactive communication scenarios. A web-developer can create a web-service based on well-known technologies, such as PHP, Rails, ASP, Java, while WCS4 takes responsibility for the entire operation of video and interactive parts, and easily integrates to any web-project thanks to the versatile JSON / REST API.

Another innovation presented by Flashphoner is a serious simplification of the licensing model. A new license model offers a full-featured server under a Simple license for 999 USD. This price tag primarily addresses small Internet websites and projects that do not require industrial technical support. Users can ask questions regarding the operation of the server through online forums of the developer, Flashphoner company. For businesses and industrial projects prices remain the same since February 2014.

Development of WCS4 focuses on giving thorough user documentation to a user. Four volumes of technical documentation written for system network administrators, developers and interested users provide extensive information about WCS4.

"Our main clients are telecommunication companies willing to provide to their subscribers a modern way of Internet communication including voice or video directly from a browser, without the need for an end user to perform complex adjustments. The burden of development, designing of the web-interface, integration of the solution into the infrastructure of a client and maintenance lies on web-developers, network engineers and system administrators. So the last half-year we put a lot of efforts into making WCS4 more straightforward and easy in integration and further maintenance. The result is still to be seen by our main customers - telecommunication companies and their employees. We believe web-developers and technical specialists will love Web Call Server," comments Alexey Kim, a developer at Flashphoner.


Flashphoner is a developer of browser-based audio and video communication solutions since 2009. The product line of the company includes Web Call Server and RTMP-SIP-Gateway - server-side software system for web calls and in-browser streaming video.


WCS4 product page: http://flashphoner.com/wcs4
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