Cynthia Lynn's Newest Book is Motivational with a Unique Self-Help "Action Plan" for Managing Income and Learning Self-Worth

Albany, NY, January 21, 2015 --( Are You Empowered???-the Basics by Cynthia Lynn offers a unique self-help, motivational approach of "small victories" against predator business and service providers that leads toward the improved management of your income for lifestyle changes + a chance to kick back to enjoy life, and to make possible what was once impossible. Her book reveals a well kept secret: US tax dollars pay for consumer help + advice about laws protecting American consumers.

Cynthia Lynn has traveled and lived overseas in democratic and non-democratic countries where there is no encouragement by citizens for informational websites about consumer protections. Even the international Internet search engines don't provide the ways and means each government department can be contacted, nor are there ad sponsored informational websites with "how-to" expert articles. The 70 US website illustrations, both government and "ad sponsored," included in this book gives citizens abroad the opportunity to be empowered to establish something similar where they reside. And USA readers find out how to receive the services and/or products paid for from consumer friendly Federal, State, Local sources via government websites as well as "ad-sponsored" expert advice websites.

Authors Guild member, Cynthia Lynn's financial wellness recipe is empowered to live a better life that starts with not being cheated—she offers the self-help everyone needs to make changes that lead to making possible what once seemed impossible + learn how the managing of income leads to more: financial well being and initiative for changes toward a better life. Her informational travel books are in libraries worldwide ( + in the permanent collection of the Library of Congress and have received 5* reviews from Library Journal, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The St. Petersburg Times, Midwest Book Review among others.

Cynthia Lynn's "Book Preview" participant readers indicated that Are You Empowered???-the Basics should be at the top of the list of "inspirational" and "motivational" books to buy when seeking to improve the quality of life. One reader indicated that he believes those Empowered with "financial acumen" have the ability to make anything possible. Another reader said she intends to learn how to manage her money to enjoy life to its fullest.

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