The GreenLantern Project of GEG for West Africa

The British company, Green Energy2014 Limited (GEG) will develop non edible and edible crops in the Ivory Coast, Guinea Conakry, and Senegal.

London, United Kingdom, January 21, 2015 --( GEG is involved in the development of the African green economy by developing non edible crops for SVO Oil and biofuel and edible crops for security food. The company has signed with farmer cooperatives: twelve agreements in Ivory Coast, for 35,000 ha; one national convention in Senegal for 60,000 ha; and one agreement with StepadOil in Guinea Conakry. Stepadoil manages 23,000 ha of palm and aims to plant and develop edible crops for other 50,000 ha.

GEG is an associate of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) and of the Royal Council for Science of the Kingdom of Jordan, for research projects in Horizon 2020 for the European Union, to planting new species of jatropha oil seeds out of the equatorial belt.
GEG GreenEnergy2014 Limited
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