Ecosmob Announces the Launch of Their New Product Section and Product Pages

Ecosmob Technologies has announced the release of their new product section on asterisk specific website. This launch has an assortment of products for different uses such as in VoIP, conferencing, voice and SMS broadcasting, PBX and more.

Ahmedabad, India, January 21, 2015 --( A leading Business Solutions provider, Ecosmob Technologies has launched a separate section and pages for their wide assortment of all next generation products for the ease of their users. All the high-tech products are displayed on, which are used for different applications as elaborated here:


CosmoConf is advanced software that builds up the distant real-time communication and collaboration. It helps users to communicate with one another even from the remote places. It presents web, audio plus video conferencing solutions. CosmoConf is a multi-tenant highly-developed voice conferencing solution to arrange the live seminars, trainings, meetings, call conferences or presentations and that is the reason why it is useful for many industry verticals.


It is a multi-tenant voice and SMS broadcasting software with which you can easily pass your messages and reach to your audience at even the remote locations. It’s better to use this VoIP software upon hiring the voice agents as you can lessen the company’s expenditure by 30-70% and hence, it can become the cost-saver of your enterprise. Even the IVR scripts can be handled by using CosmoBS and with its Personalized Message feature, one can upload his own voice recording and set his own message. If it doesn’t get any reply, it automatically retries for the specified number of times on the specified interval.


CosmoSWITCH has been developed in such a way that it allows the secure as well as reliable VoIP traffic over a massive amount of IP networks worldwide. This very cost-effective Class 4 SoftSWITCH links the network management and the monitoring tasks due to which it can easily fulfill the necessities of telecom industry. CosmoSWITCH presents the classic effective routing both for local and for long distance. This solution is developed according to Italian Telecom standards and also it is tested by the Telecom Italia.


CosmoPBX software is the multi-tenant software that enhances remote communication and collaboration easier and more efficient. This is a measurable, secure and reliable system that offers great flexibility to its users. This multi-tenant PBX solution enables people to connect from any place at any time and exchange data, audio, video or multimedia. This software eliminates the hardware installation costs as well as your time by setting it up for your enterprise.

Contact Center Solution

Contact Center Solution is developed for establishing the loyal and honest customer relationships by offering them a versatile caller experience. By using this system, your enterprise can save a huge amount and boost your return on investment. This web based software is specially designed for inbound, outbound along with blended contact centers. Contact Center Solution meets all the changing business necessities easily.

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Ecosmob Technologies guarantees the best ROI by offering its exclusive range of next-generation VoIP products. By delivering the prominent state-of-the-art solutions, Ecosmob helps expanding the market presence. If you want to improve your company’s ROI, use these products that would surely help you grow. For more details visit:
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