New MobiGater Design and Improved Functionality Already Available on the Market

Sofia, Bulgaria, November 14, 2007 --( Eurodesign BG Ltd., a developer and manufacturer of VoIP solutions, introduces a new much more refined design of its very well known MobiGater - Skype to GSM Gateway. The new device is an successor of the famous unique MobiGater Plus and MobiGater Pro models which are offered with great success in all continents of the world.

Besides the new improved design, the product also comes out with a 2-in-1 functionality i.e. Skype and SIP software included.

MobiGater combines all the advantages of the mobile phones and VoIP telephony. It gives its users true mobility and free calls worldwide. All you need is one MobiGater device and an extra SIM card.

Unlike similar products currently on the market, MobiGater does not require any additional software for the user’s cell phone nor any special phone or handset.

MobiGater incorporates a range of features and capabilities that increase the benefits of using it:
MobiGater for Skype:
• Incoming Skype calls to different mobile phones (Skype PBX function)
• Outgoing Skype calls from different mobile phone numbers
• Incoming SkypeIn calls to different mobile phones (Skype PBX function)
• Outgoing SkypeOut calls from different mobile phone numbers
• MobiGater configuration via web

MobiGater for VoIP:
• Incoming VoIP calls to a mobile phone
• Outgoing VoIP calls from Multiple mobile phone numbers
• Asterisk compatible via USB /work as Asterisk extension

About Eurodesign BG Ltd.

With headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, Eurodesign BG Ltd. is a developer and supplier of the newest technologies in the consumer electronics, retail and VoIP solution fields. The company’s major areas encompass VoIP products and software solutions like GSM to Skype Gateways, Symbian software solutions for Skype, Digital music stores and portable audio player solutions, outdoor and indoor display and management solutions for media planning and others. For more information about the company and its products, please visit and

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Lyubomir Gerasimov