Online Training Helps Remedial Tutoring Students with Writing Skills

Computer Coach online training helps kids get up to par with grammar and spelling skills using remedial tutoring methods.

Online Training Helps Remedial Tutoring Students with Writing Skills
Tampa, FL, November 13, 2007 --( Computer Coach, Inc., a provider of online computer training for a variety of computer courses donated ten online training courses to Family Knowledge Academy of Boca Raton, Florida. The online training will be used by students in the remedial tutoring program. “For students in our remedial education program, having computer skills can help them achieve grade level writing /spelling skills. The online training, provided by Computer Coach, will allow our students to learn programs like Microsoft Word outside of tutoring, while they are home, so the tutoring sessions can help the students work on spelling, grammar exercises and reading skills,” says Nikki Woller, Director of Family Knowledge Academy.

Remedial tutoring is not the same as skill tutoring. “Many parents don’t realize the difference, so when skill tutoring isn’t working they feel lost and confused. When it is remedial tutoring their children need,” says Woller. When a student is said to be below grade level (in their academic subjects) there are several reasons why this can occur.. learning disabilities, lack of focus among other reasons. Remedial tutoring classes ensure the children are brought up to grade level using therapeutic techniques not found in most schools or regular tutoring centers.

“I was introduced to the Family Knowledge Academy and their remedial tutoring program through my nephew. His reading and spelling were not up to par and he was getting lost in his classes. The remedial tutoring and therapeutic approach have helped him to read at grade level. The integrated use of the computer makes it fun for the kids,” says Suzanne Alexander, Certified Technical Trainer at Computer Coach.

The use of the online computer training came about because the students use Word Processing programs to learn and understand spelling and grammar techniques. “Our tutors were spending so much time teaching Microsoft Word to the students. The use of the online training, at home, will help the students be prepared so the remedial tutoring sessions can focus on the skills they need and not the computer program itself,” says Woller.

Family Knowledge Academy, located in Boca Raton, Florida, specializes in treating mental health issues that impact the entire family. Skilled in treating children, adolescents and adults, Family Knowledge Academy also provides private one-on-one therapeutic remedial education to children with mental health and learning disabilities.

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