Olav Phillips to be Guest on Shadows in the Dark to Discuss Paranormal Politics

Join host Jeremiah Greer as he welcomes guest, Olav Phillips, November 15, 2007 at 10:00pm for a two hour discussion on paranormal politics.

Canton, NC, November 14, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Are paranormal subjects becoming more of an open agenda for politicians? Why did Ron Paul and Alex Jones exchange money? Why is Bill Richardson saying he would reinvestigate the Roswell Incident? Olav Phillips will rejoin the show for a 2 hour discussion on such topics and others that are not getting the media attention they deserve.

Olav Phillips is founder of the Anomalies Network, the largest UFO and paranormal information source on the Internet. With 24 years of experience in UFO research and study, Olav's self-proclaimed passion is serving as archivist for the UFO and paranormal community. With a database of 142,000 recorded sightings, his area of specialization is the application of the latest technology to the field of ufology. Phillips uses technology to derive new sets of information, compile and analyze data in new ways, and develop new theories.

He also focuses on the use of technology for information-sharing, having launched the UFOcrawler, a new search tool that helps users precisely target and gather information from relevant sources, including thousands of documents and files collected in the vast Anomalies Network archive, as well as multiple global resources across the Web.

You can visit Olav Phillip’s website at www.anmalies.net

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