Discover the Innovative E-Twow Electric Kick Scooter

Did you hear about the launch of a truly revolutionary electric vehicle? If you haven’t seen it, please access and discover a unique brand of electric kick scooters.

Craiova, Romania, January 28, 2015 --( E-twow is a new electric kick scooter equipped with some of the most innovative technologies used in the transportation industry. Considered by industry experts as a revolutionary vehicle, E-twow is already available for purchase in the US and will also be launched on European market this spring. This new innovation of the electric transportation industry is regarded as a successful alternative to cars and public services thanks to its capacity to take urban mobility to a higher level. E-twow is great for going to work, the post office, the bank, the park and any other place of interest because it is quite easy to handle, truly stable and enjoys full portability.

E-twow is an urban mobility scooter specially designed to provide the urban population with an eco-friendly and distinctive mode of transportation. Its design, structure and weight distribution ensure a proper balance which makes it quite easy to use even if you happen to be a beginner. Moreover, the vehicle is equipped with a new shock absorbing system that annihilates vibrations from the rough terrain and reduces the noise caused by friction. As a consequence you get to benefit from a smooth and comfortable ride no matter the terrain and your level of experience. But E-twow is not only about safety and stability. This vehicle also enjoys high overall performances. The life of the battery revolves around 41 km/25 miles, making it ideal for working employees who have to commute. And in terms of speed, you can go as high as 35 km/h with the Booster model.

What truly sets E-twow apart from the rest of the competitors is the fact that it is a fully foldable electric scooter. This represents without a doubt a major advantage for working employees who ride the vehicle to work. When they reach their destination they can fold the E-twow with a single click of the lever on the platform and then easily store it anywhere they want: under their office desk, in the locker and even in a suitcase. This is possible because, when folded, the scooter has a size of only 94.5 x 30 x 13.5 cm / 37x11.8x5.3 inches. In addition to that, due to the fact that it is the lightest vehicle ever designed at only 10.7 kg, it is quite easy to carry up and down the stairs. It is a great way of moving around and at the same time a truly efficient one.

The E-twow fully portable electric scooter is equipped with high-end technologies like kers, regenerative braking system, magnetic brake or zero start. All these remarkable features ensure a safe and smooth ride and are a guarantee of an effective transportation from one place to another. No more getting stuck in traffic jams, no more searching for a parking space. E-twow streamlines your movement and thereby enables you to reach your destination without wasting precious time in traffic. If you want to take control of your time, if you want to ride an environmentally-friendly and distinctive vehicle, E-twow represents an alternative worth taking into consideration.
SC E-Twow Electric Mobility SRL
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