Game Designers Team Up with for Crowdsales, a Form of Crowd Funding

Game designer, Avery Nubson, will released his card game, Wild Guns, on as a crowdsale project. For each sale, the game gets a discount eventually reaching over 30% savings on Wild Guns.

Moorhead, MN, January 28, 2015 --( Avery Nubson, board game designer and childrens book author, teams up with to provide his card game Wild Guns as a discount through their process called "Crowdsales."

Crowdsales allows reach buyer to received a discount on a specific product, in this case, Wild Guns. When the sales reaches predefined thresholds the discount becomes greater and greater. Eventually reaching over 30% off.

Wild Guns is a FatherGeek approved card game that's rated fun for child geeks, parent geek and event gamer geeks. Every board game group can take part in Wild Guns.

Wild Guns pits you against each other player in a Wild West Shootout to rival the best of the old west. Card and dice fly fast and hard in Wild Guns.

To get in on the Crowdsale go here and get your discount.
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Avery Nubson